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4/20/2005 c5 73aims80
I like this so far. :)
2/6/2005 c3 11EmptyNight
I love it, i like how un-sure the beginning is. Great story
2/1/2005 c3 10snowtiger13731
Yes. Tis sad. Especially the ... so now you prance around with your girlfriend forgetting that we were once friends. That we were once something with anything between us. Maybe it was because we were so a like that led to this downfall.

I don't think you care.

I don't think you ever cared.

Very sad. Reminds me of someone I know. :[ I liked this.

1/29/2005 c1 11EmptyNight
I like allt he different qoutes you used.

the last paragraph is great
1/18/2005 c2 aiur
wah ... *sobs* ... i'd say something really eloquent here, but i think words just deaden this kind of piece. so beautiful, though. major props.

1/18/2005 c1 aiur
actually i think it's a good idea you told me they're short stories. otherwise i'd probably be looking for the connection and getting really confused. i tend to do that a lot =D. great piece around the idea of a good girl breaking that boundary. and i really liked it because it was short, i think. i've read too many fics where it's the core of the plot, and it gets dragged out way too far. nice, seamless writing - great style. you blend feeling and thought really well, and even add in a dialogue-kind of feeling with the lyrics intermingling. one thing with that is it doesn't seem there's any passage of time, and since those lyrics come from different songs ... i'm not sure if she's just skipping through a bunch of songs. i could have missed reading that. never thought i'd enjoy reading about a girl getting crashed like this. usually you'd think a story needed to have other people in it, reactions, consequences, build-up. not this one. *claps hands* ... i think i liked the rationalization behind what she did best of all, and how realistic that was. not too sudden, but not drawn out. and then what she did after, i can totally believe. instead of some weird drunken the-morning-after ... uh, thing. =)

1/17/2005 c2 15Sad Songs Remind Me
um. will you marry me and write me brilliant short mini stories in between setting up threesomes with Andrew? Because that would be lovely. And so perfect.You're a genius. Plain and effing simple. This is inspirational. This and Julia's short story about suicide have changed my life. And I don't joke. I'm dead serious. No pun intended. This kicks my writing in the ass. And I'm going to go cry about how much harder you rock than me, now.FUCKING AMAZING.
1/17/2005 c2 biatch
Aw! It's so aww. Amazing with the description. Ionno... it's the whole 'if only' repetition and your "pretty" writing and stuff. Although.. just gotta mention this.. "she lay there" not "she laid there". Heh. And that is all. Awesome writing from a [implied] male's pov.-julia

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