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8/29/2006 c1 OOOO
Wow, what unbelievable and apocalyptic carnage you've depicted here. It's horrifying and disturbing to think, to know, that such things can happen in this crazy world and even more disturbing to think how temperamental it has been of late. Worrying might be a more appropriate word to use than disturbing, in fact.

I like what you've written here, it's a little bit of fiction (kind of) written from a compassionate heart and it is more relevant to the world in which we live than 90 other stories one might read on fictionpress. What you've done here is quite remarkable and important. When we watch these events unfold on the news we see only rising statistics, we find it hard to understand people's troubles but what you've done is given us something tangible to think about. You have put faces to these statistics and conveyed through these faces the sheer horror and scale of this catastrophe, you've made it personal and in doing so you allow us to connect with these people and feel for them, grieve for them.

You should continue to write fiction, you're good at it.
2/8/2006 c1 82Isabella22
That's so sad. Gosh I can't believe how much suffering there is.

-Sigh- :D
1/27/2006 c1 115Random-Idiocity
Oh my bob this was one of your longest stories...:P It was good though..Keep it Up! You need to catch up with me :P
7/21/2005 c1 Veruca Salt
Violet Beauregarde,Oh, the end! This is a grand moment. I much cherrish it. ... Okay I'm done cherrishing. Well, you always wanted me to reveiew, so there ya go. Thats how I give a reveiw. Hope ya liked it. Now you have ta read em. I put a lot of thought and work into all those! You smell like old people and soap. MhaaHaaHaa! Sorry I couldn't resist! Oh, check your E-Mail since your on line! Only if I am 6 foot under will you not have any E-Mails from me!Veruca Salt
7/3/2005 c1 mango
6/10/2005 c1 Emily
hey this is emily thought i would check ur writing out.
3/28/2005 c1 davida A
i liked this story alot. its so sad and i love how much detail u put into it. u really put me in the victims shoes. i was almost in tears. i feel for the victim. well, KW. keep up the good work!:):):):D
2/15/2005 c1 kayttea
oh. it's so sad. :-( it was a sad thing that happened and the people who havn't grasped that yet will certainly get it when they read this. you described what happened and her feelings perfectly and its really sad that she lost everyone in her family. i think the sadest part was when the oldest went the get the little one and they got washed away. :-( this was a terrific story. you could have slowed down a bit, but then again that might have ruined it, so...

by the way i loved how you made all of her childrean be washed away becasue usually people are always expecting a happy or hopeful ending, it was refreshing. van helsing had that sorta ending to, but now i'm just rambling!

thank you a lot for your review. til next time! -Kashe
1/11/2005 c1 Brandon
Hey thats a good short story, sad very sad, well talked to ya later byebye
1/10/2005 c1 aggrievedly maladroit
hiya brit! that was, as alway, a realy really good story. it, of course, *rolling eyes* made me tear up. couldnt find ne mistakes, but didnt really look, so adios for now!
1/10/2005 c1 1Forgotten Shadow
Tats really good!sad...But Good!
1/10/2005 c1 17incandescent.smiles
so sad, brit. good job as usual. POST MORE! :P

luv ya


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