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8/9/2006 c1 Brandon The Anonymous
o. Very mysterious. I love the last line. "Just like last time."This is very chilling, but fits into reality very well.I like the way you think.
9/18/2005 c1 6relletyrots
Awesome! The message is powerful, and I like how you express everything accurately. Colorful word choice, nice varied sentence structure. A nice flow, too. But the ending was the best part - forceful and shocking, and quite descriptive too ("...forcing nerves to spill out the back of his neck like angel hair pasta." Ah, the power to disgust is so useful at times.)

Well, I'm reviewing you now because you had reviewed me about 9 months ago. Yeah, so I'm a little slow on reciprocation. I was going through my stats today, and I noticed I was on the favorites list of "Ramada Paperweight," and I thought, "Who the hell is this chick? OOH HER!" lol So I thought I'd be *cough* generous and review you, too.

Oh, and I like your profile ^_^

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