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for Sanity Wasn't That Great Anyway

12/28/2006 c1 72dirt-is-yummy
This poem is two years old, and I can only pray that you're alright and that you dont feel the same way anymore. The poem is brilliant but scary.

2/2/2005 c1 16VindictiveGoddessOfPinkRabbits
I love this poem. It reminds me about how i feel sometimes. A very powerful poem, passionate. Well done. Keep Writing!
1/12/2005 c1 Crimson Arranz
hey, geez, that's... heavy to say the least... as i know you said you wouldnt write again... are you ok? just know that you can always talk to me and that i'm around nearly everyday.take care.hope algebra goes well ;)
1/11/2005 c1 292Fabian Cortez
I see a vast potential in this work. You have some wonderful turns of phrase.

"This scrawny sapling I devote everything to, its name is hope"

I love that line..

Well Done



Your welcome to check out some of my work if you like. Perhaps for a laugh you might enjoy "The Bare Foot", see what you think. :)
1/11/2005 c1 21Manda Falcon
Very powerful. I think this is very well written.
1/11/2005 c1 25Chandra Chhaya
The way you wrote this poem was breath taking! Although I must ask, what is this snaity you speak of? =P


p.s. review some of my work as well!

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