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for The Abstract Adventures of an Anonymous Blonde

10/25/2005 c4 2Iona Cambel
This is so funny! I love love love it. Need more!I wish I was blond. =P
9/15/2005 c4 3Off the grid
geez you're witty. I love things that make fun of steriotypes(did I spell that right?
8/23/2005 c1 3PieAreRound91
haha! omg this is so funny! *i'm a pineapple, which means you have brown hair on the outside but you're blonde on the inside! :p *
8/23/2005 c1 1The Masked Pumpkin
horray for blondes! *is a blonde* I love it! I will read the rest sometime when I get the chance!
2/28/2005 c2 9dragonfire-lina144
...(begins laughing uncontrollably) HA HA HA! Oh, my, this is so entertaining...I dunno why I'm only reveiwing the second chapter but, oh well. This was excellent; please keep this up!
2/27/2005 c3 73aims80
Interesting, keep going. :)
2/20/2005 c3 4G. H. Pedersen
I like your use of "like". It is very likely the thing I like the best about this story. However, I like, you know, think that there are a to small use of "like" in the 3. part.G. H. Pedersen, a brunette :)
2/18/2005 c3 31emptyword
*covers mouth laughing* Clever, very clever, and terribly funny! By golly, you have talent!
2/9/2005 c2 cgreutman
Nice writting! Keep it up. Now I have to know what happens to that poor blonde.
2/5/2005 c2 3grilledcheesequeen
^_^ Ah, blonde superiority by far! This document is, I suppose, the one that should be published to prove that! I mean, Brina is d-r-i-p-p-i-n-g with blonde intelligence. I didn't know that intelligence could be blonde before I wrote that...I must be a genius!

(Yes, I'm a SOCA blonde, all my friends are brunettes, and I'm spiteful!)

Great story, Dahling! Keep writing!
2/4/2005 c1 1Lydia Elliot
Alexis- I like the personality you are putting in your story. It is like you are there telling me the story. It is really cool. -Lydia
1/24/2005 c1 40Dr. Colleen
Hoorah for Blondes! I must admit I cannot truly lay claim to blonde-dom seeing as I have never really understood the true colour of my hair (it seems to be a jumbalaya of reds, browns, and honey) I still have a blonde mother and I love her very much (she's much more brilliant than she lets on) Love your story...it's very fantastical...uncategorical. Keep up the good work!
1/20/2005 c1 Moroni's Daughter
I love it! Even though I am a redhead, I have been dubbed an honorary blonde on account of my more so-called "ditzy" qualities. Did I say that I loved it?
1/15/2005 c1 3Weapon of Mass Seduction
I'm on edge..give..me..more
1/14/2005 c1 5loves him
Wow...I love this. Very funny and yet intuitive. Good job. ^^

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