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for You make me

5/27/2006 c1 80magnusthewolf
this is good. i like it. i can relate to it too which is also a plus. nice job
10/16/2005 c1 71ChobiMM3
Excellent! This would make a cool song; hhaa. Hail masochrists!
9/19/2005 c1 28Hate In The Form Of Passion
In the summary or description of your poem you said 'from the heart of a masochist'. And as I was reading the poem the part where you say 'You make me want to kill you' sounded more like a sadist than a masochist.

But the emotion in the poem was more masochistic in a way. Yearning for someone to love you and whatnot. I just had a slight problem with that since I am a masochist.

Overall I loved this poem a lot. The motion you expressed in it was really quite beautiful and believable. Which is hard to do in most poems such as these. I also really loved the repetitive parts after you expressed some type of emotion. I loved it and hope you write more of these types of poems. Since I am in love with angsty emoing shit poems. They're so the best kind.
7/25/2005 c1 120tabiboi
hmm...interesting conception...but i think there are varying degrees, and this displays a very harsh degree of it...
7/22/2005 c1 Stracciare
I rarely like poetry, but I loved this. It's a lovely piece. It's the first work of yours that I have read and it makes me want to read more. I can't wait to read your other works.
7/8/2005 c1 43Camreon
another good story/poem! you are the Alpha of whatever it is lol lol lol. Onslaught? can't remember off the top of my head, but i don't see why you don't think you're as good a writer as you are...~baby dyke rae~
6/26/2005 c1 31kalmia raphael
rhyming in this was a bit awkward, but it had something very innocent and 'disclosed' and true. i really like this line: I scream out your name but never in vain. It doesn't flow very well in some parts but the subject matter is very realistically portrayed. i had my doubts when i read the title, but when i read the poem the speaker seemed totally believeable and real.
2/28/2005 c1 32Just Stella
wow. this poem is of pure excellence! i love how you brought in love and hate and showed what it can do to someone. this is an amazing poem! i think i'll read the rest of yours, i really like your writing style! keep it up!best wishes,stella
2/24/2005 c1 1o0oAnnie
Wow I really loved this poem...the twisting turmoil of love verses hate really shines here...I loved the line "If I can’t feel your love then let me feel your pain." very haunting and powerful...also the repitition of the words "You make me..." are very powerful...how the narrator says that their "lover" forces them to love them but doesn't even return the feelings...great job, it's goin on my favorites :) keep writing!
1/14/2005 c1 Lil' Inu-Yahsa
This was quite funny. Sorta dark. But good. And I like the whole, you make me want to kill... you. part, hysterical! Hehe, like it, nicely written. ::pats back::

~Inu Kun~ (Im on fanfiction.net)
1/14/2005 c1 Yuri Fan
This was a great, great poem. Good job with the symmetry of the words and everything.

I like you tied being cryptic with actually making sence. With a lot of these poems they dont make ANY sence, and they arent supposed to . But this one does, and thats good.

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