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for Putrid

2/28/2005 c1 Melissa Lea Night
goddamn i can relate to this...this is great sage, i love it. makes me sad 'cause i can relate.
1/18/2005 c1 4Lady Katreina
Wow! Very descriptive, and sad... ^_^
1/17/2005 c1 28amaya dwyn
I love that, it has a good flow but some interesting tones.. kudos ;)
1/15/2005 c1 Torchered Sakura
o o o i like it..o0o can i copy it into my AIM profile?...i'll give u credit of course for watever fits in it. well anyway IM me later.

1/15/2005 c1 laura
I really love this one cause i totally understand how you feel in it. You describe what you feel so well and detailed in writing!

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