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5/25/2005 c1 37Diane Lynn
I have 10 years on your 14 years of existance.

Spelling is extremely important if you want anyone to take you or your work seriously. In college, poor spelling and grammar can result in a failure. I know, I have failed those students with no regrets.

I understand that you may feel the "deep and passionate desire to complain", but a review of someone's work is not an appropriate place to do so. If you felt that way, you should have wrote it down and published that under your own name. Your words in that review was taken as a direct attack on my intelligence.

I did not choose the shortest poem in your collection because it was short, it was the only one that I liked or could relate to because, at 14, I was once like you. You will change. Everyone changes as they grow older. Ten years from now, I will not be the same person that I am now. That's okay; that's life.

Something you will learn is that you have no right to take out your anger or frustration on anyone else if they are not directly involved.

I am not overly content; I am 10 years older than you and there are somethings that are worth fighting for, there are somethings that I can fight for, and yet there are others that you have to just accept and move on because there is nothing that you can do to change them. In my situation, as a medical student, I am the dirt on the bottom of the janitor's shoes. I am nothing. There is a hierarchy and I am the bottom rung. I have worked long and hard to be where I am today and I don't want to do anything to risk loosing that. Someday, this, you will understand.

I am not a spiteful person. I read your work immediately after reading your review and as I said before I felt that it was a diret assault on my intelligence. So upon reading your poem, I was already angry with you. It was then reflected in my review.

Had you had an email address, I would have reponded directly through an email rather than a review.

Best of luck to you.

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