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for My Shattered Heart

6/19/2006 c1 20lifelessbreath
This was lovely and beautiful.

7/12/2005 c1 2Ryenon
that was so great! Very sad and it made me really feel like I should just walk up and hug you. keep up the great work!
2/8/2005 c1 368EWindheim
*claps* Beautiful! I have such appreciation for Haikus, for they seem to me to be a more challenging form of poetry. You've done very well with this one. ~Hawke (aka Fiontari)
2/6/2005 c1 breezy nostrils
I have definitely felt this way before...nicely put!
2/2/2005 c1 14Derrick Edgar James
A great Haiku. This is a place I'm sure most have been at one point and this sums the feeling up quite adequately.
1/31/2005 c1 31Whatever-I-Say
Wow...very powerful poem, you've got talent. ~Keep writing!
1/21/2005 c1 87Obsidian Eyes
1/20/2005 c1 David Stephen
Wow - I love this. It is so truthful and wrote with a certain passion which is engrounded in the fluid constraints of Haiku form. Masterly done! ~DS~
1/19/2005 c1 46Emerald Lynne Stonne
I feel haiku's are hard to do... because you are limited to so many words that you have to put so much emotion into... but you really pulled it off! This is written EXTREMELY well! Great Job!

God Bless,~Emmy
1/19/2005 c1 243Manuel Fajar
Embolism clots,

Heart break's blood burst forth now blots,

Gambling love, lost lots. -m-
1/18/2005 c1 33Jacob Andrews
A bit too shallow, to be honest... short and concise can go too far. You need words to truly convey sorry.
1/18/2005 c1 8Unknown Unnamed
I really like this. I've become rather fond of haikus... And this one was very good.
1/18/2005 c1 7The System Mother
That's deep. I can't write haiku... but you brought it together nicely.

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