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for Beautiful Mistake

6/23/2009 c3 faiswingedchronicles
poor kid but will he really melt that guys heart?
10/22/2008 c3 autumn-annette-19
Whats next, whats next.
9/5/2008 c3 21Aiko-Moon
this is a very well writen first part of the story

write more
8/22/2008 c3 i-see-faeries
This is cute, just adorable. I'd love to see more ... :D
9/27/2007 c3 SesshoumaruTakahashi
::bows to your gracelyness::

I love and worship you! :she sings brightfully::

Ja ne!

2/27/2007 c3 3D. Empress
Well, I do like the story, but it's extremely obvious which chapter was written by afk, and not to be rude or anything, but it's not up to par with your writing. Will it ever be finished? We still haven't met Zahir! Or found out what species of creature Saku is!
1/26/2007 c3 fellow
10/25/2005 c3 Darwin ruler of all
Fun story. I'm a bit bemused by the fact that pleasure slaves are so prevalent, but you made it clear from the beginning that slaves are a fact of life in this setting, so it's understandable.

I can't help feeling extremely sorry for poor Saku, and just a bit for Zahir as well. It can't be nice to have your friends go behind your back, gossip about you, and then present you with a gift that says "We think you need to get laid, and don't think you can find a partner for yourself." Especially if he's hung up on someone else.

I assume that Quao is the pale boy? I have uneasy feelings that he is not going to be a favourite character. I don't know if this is on purpose, inadvertant, or if I'm reading way too much into the situation, but I am still intrigued.

I hope this story gets an update soon, I'd love to see how things develope.
2/5/2005 c3 3RaZoRxScReAm
X3 Bwhaha...still so beautiful. Charries are beautiful. Story beautiful...erm, stuff is beautiful Keep up the nice work.
2/2/2005 c3 16Painted Desert
pleause update soon! i really love this wonderful story
1/31/2005 c3 25Esquirella
I echo my last statement: Poor Saku! LOL
1/31/2005 c2 Esquirella
Poor Saku!
1/30/2005 c3 Akako the Panther Hanyu
Hey! this was great! Im so glad I have the operntunity to read this *giggels* Oh well, I guess Il leave you be...please countinue
1/29/2005 c1 1Kaelidra
hey, I got to love it
1/24/2005 c1 3Sapphire Heart
I'm really interested in seeing the continuation of this story. I hope the next chapter is soon. Also, I'd be real interested if there was a kind of triangle involving Quao, Zahir, and his new gift.
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