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for A Royal Pain

7/12/2005 c9 AragornElessar811
Thanks for the review. Of course there's a lot of cursing. lol. It IS boot camp after all. I'll cut down on it after the boot camp part is finished
7/11/2005 c9 11arachibutyrophobia
stupid guards. they should go around in pairs. although they wouldn't smirk... they'd keep any emotions hidded cuz it could cost 'em big time.
7/9/2005 c9 2Lionheart811
The romance seems a bit rushed, but this is a pretty good story.

Can I ask that you review my story? *puppy eyes*
7/7/2005 c9 theinwarddreamer
finally an update! yay! that was a pretty cool chapter, it's insane how you keep the reader on edge-you HAVE to update SOON! jack and victoria are so great together, i love victoria's inner thoughts-how about telling more of jack's inner thoughts? anyway, next chapter should be wonderful-so update! i'll be waiting ^_^
4/26/2005 c8 birdytamel
the roance still feels a bit rushed, but not as much as before... the balcony ought to be interesting...
4/14/2005 c7 5the Inward Dreamer
Yay! new chapter! hehe, the order of my reactions: "Hurry up already! What an annoying guard dude! Are they going to see each other? They ARE going to see each other! Ooh they're dancing! How so very cute and corny!" hehehe, it was very cheesey, but SO something I would write hehe-I'm glad you're updating again! Update soon!
4/10/2005 c7 11arachibutyrophobia
it was an ok chapter... i felt that u used ! marks a bit too much, tho, and the end was too fast, like when she thought, "She could tell that he was not after her for her titles and money and that he was an innocent" that was WAY to premature, especially because that could prove to be a good obstacle in their relationship.
2/25/2005 c1 2Nyssa Damaskinos
I LOVE your story! I can't believe that you haven't gotten millions of reviews already! Oh well, I'll try to change that, lol! Anyway, I love history and am so glad to see someone writing this type of fiction! As you can already tell, I love writing it myself, though I may not be very good at it, lol! You must update soon! I would hate it if you didn't!
2/3/2005 c6 73aims80
I used to always dream of being a princess (didn't every girl?). Anyways, loving what you've written so far. Keep up the good work. :)
1/30/2005 c6 11arachibutyrophobia
Good chappie! You set up the atmoshphere and the emotions (excitement all the way! lol) and now you must update so that (hopefully) Victoria and Jack will meet...
1/23/2005 c6 7S. Renee
This is a really cute story so far! I love the English setting and how the main character is a princess (I love reading about royals!). And me and Victoria have the same birthday! But when she's turning 18 I'll be turning 15. I read your profile and we're kind of alike. Like you, my stories are only available on fictionpress and I don't let anyone I know read them (expect for my best friend). So anyway, update soon please!
1/20/2005 c5 5the Inward Dreamer
Great beginning, please update soon!
1/20/2005 c5 11arachibutyrophobia
This is a great beginning! You should make the chapters longer, and start including more things about Jack, like background information. Please update ASAP!

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