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2/28/2005 c1 32JunipertheSwift
EXCUSE ME! I AM THE THE ONE WHO CAME UP WITH "Rising from the dead" and CATHERINE was the one who mimicked me. Raven had nothing to do with that.Scary story.This was for english? Lovely mentioning the thing about me and the guy 8 years older... See, look at that, bye bye grammar. Did you get an A+ on this? I hope you did. I shouldn't have read this right now. Not in a good emotional state. I like it though, it's pretty...
1/24/2005 c1 Element Lightning
I always thought of Lizzie as a term of endearment, same with Nodjmet. I'll call you liz if you want me to though. I wonder that you don't reach out more than you do, it always feels like you're hiding your pain from us. Then again, who am I to talk...but that's a different issue. Anyway, always good to read what other people have to say about our horrible social lives.
1/22/2005 c1 13SilverGryphin
whenever i see something like this i learn something nobody bothered to tell me before. very nice, powerful. i had no idea what your role in all this was until just now. brave girl *hug* dont we hate being the mediator? gah. *hug again* well id go longer, but i have to go...~Silver

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