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6/4/2005 c1 10artgirl101
this is really sad. its very good and makes you think. i think this story was well written and thought out. good job.
2/20/2005 c1 7all-a-birds-grace
Hi, you just reviewed my story (A Life Without Drugs) and I was just wondering how you even found it! Lol, I haven't updated in...over a year I think. But anyway, thanks!
1/25/2005 c1 26Nickolaus Pacione
I am going to keep reviewing stories on here though I am not going to post stories too often on here because I hate the way they format them now. But now on with the review, you did a descent job presenting this story and one suggestion I would make is that this story is just too short. The premise was exceptionally creative though, you should go back and make this story longer by about 30 words because you can really get something published here with this kind of story. I am a sucker for a good war genre story, and this is one that does that kind of genre justice. You are becoming a really talented author, and I can see some great things when you reach my age.
1/21/2005 c1 1JD Kennedy
Great story, relevant to the times don't you think? I like the card house comparison, and Jason scorning his superhero toys at the end. You know what? Calling the Lee's regiment Unit 66 actually made me think of the number of the beast, kinda added a demonic edge to the whole war situation, but that's probaly just me. One description that pointed out the indifference of the goverment in the war was:'When Jason read it, he almost expected it to have a PS at the end reading, “Have a nice day!” But, of course, the letter had already been read a few hundred times, so the house had already become a cemetery.'There are a few grammatical errors, full stops following commas for example (Actually I only spotted about three errors or so)but they didn't hamper my enjoyment of the piece at all. Thanks for the Elegiaca and Moloch Bar reviews, hope you enjoyed them.~ JD

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