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for Hold Me

1/26/2005 c1 148Moroni of the Mount of Ro
Hmm. The theme these days is hugging . . .? I guess I'm just not in on the trend! ^_^;; Good work, though.
1/24/2005 c1 108Kirona of the skies
Squee! I love it! It's so cyute! Once again, you never cease to rawk. I luv ya, dearie. ^_^
1/23/2005 c1 1Fantastic Thunder
Fwe! A whole poem written because of me! It's so pretty, I lurve it and I want to huggle it!
1/22/2005 c1 4phantasy-hope
I enjoyed the melodramatic tone of this poem. The repitition of the phrase "Just hold me / Make it go away" was a good reinforcement of the theme of your poem. Good work and keep it up :)

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