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for Long Sets for Konstantine

6/22/2005 c3 2inconsequential me
Julia told me that i should check out your story...and so i did...and i don't regret it at all. if anything, i'm glad i did. it's amazing so far, no lie...

to be completely honest, i know very little about the band something corporate. i mean, i have one of their cds, but other than that, i know none of the details or anything like that...so i'm going into the whole story with a pretty blank mindset... but you've established everything very well. seriously.

hmm. ok. first chapter. loved all the descriptions. sometimes it got a bit redundant, but i think you were just trying to get the point across... and you did. i love music. it's definitely my drug of choice. so i already love the entire topic/theme/whatever you want to call it... and you win some creativity points. not a lot of stories out there with this sort of concept. plus, you described everything so well-the atmosphere, the emotions, everything. i couldn't do it.

chapter 2... he's kind of mean. heh. screaming at some poor, very underage girl. oh well. i guess it happens. gah, radio show hosts are obnoxious. they annoy me so much that between them and the constant comercials...i barely listen to the radio any more. anyway, that's beside the point. i love the whole...song + story ordeal. you chop it up very well so it flows and whatnot. heh.

gah, i'm sorry, this review is awful. i'm so bad at reviewing. all i do is ramble. so i'm sorry i'm not leaving you with anything constructive or anything. just my (random) opinions.

chapter 3. probably my favorite chapter so far. loved the bit about the cliche tree. i already hate karissa. boo. i still don't understand what the deal is about emo boys and girls pants. but whatever makes people happy. heh. he's such a tortured little boy.

anyway...to sum things up... your story is incredible. love it so far. maybe you'll update? it's been awhile, so...who knows. but if you do, i'll be sure to check it out. kudos.
4/8/2005 c3 Ashleigh
Enjoyed this chapter. Everytime I think Andrew almost meets Krystal its someone else. Was this chapter shorter than the other? Sometimes I think Andrew thinks too much in this chapter, maybe no enough plot. Really good. :)
4/1/2005 c3 1Infinite Abyss
This is pretty good. Keep up the good work.
2/27/2005 c3 10snowtiger13731
LMAO. I love you. Gotta say... the beginning's a bit rough around the edges at parts, but hey... whatever. I get a dedication. That rocks hard. I like the part about her like not believing the whole cliche and just the angst there. "And that was when it started. How ironic was it that it ended at the same place with everything almost exactly the same?" I like. Nice portrayal of Karissa. Bitchy name. LOL. This just totally cracked me up... "He'll show that bastard. He was wearing tight girl pants for god sake. That had bad boy emo kid all over it." Hah. you're awesome. Right more shit.

2/25/2005 c3 15Sad Songs Remind Me
HOLY. SHIT. I think you're a genius. Plain and simple. I'm bordering on insanity right about now, but being that it's 1:30 AM and I just actually laughed out loud at 834689346 things in this chapter, not much more can be expected of me. Can I just tell you? "He was so scene. He'd definitely fuck himself if he had the chance." The funniest fucking thing I've ever read in my entire life. I love Andrew. I love my cousin, she's too slutty and annoying for words in here. I love Wilgene because not only does he have my last name, but he likes Brand New and he's hot and he's cool and he calls Andrew an emo kid. The last scene is fucking great. And I absolutely love the when Konstantine calls Andrew a dipshit. When she takes the picture, and is like 'It's me and the moon'. FUCKING AWESOME. What else do I love? A+K 4 eva. FUCK YEAH. That's so old school cliche, I fucking love it. But ultimately my alltime favorite line in this chapter is : "God, he was so cliché and corny, but he had to do this. He had to put aside his pride to show her that he'd sink to this level just for her." It's so fucking real. I want a scene emo guy to be corny for me. I love you. Let's get married and we can buy a house in SoCal. And we can become papparazzi and stalk Andrew and whorry mcwhore for a living. That'd be a great life. okay, yeah, i'm done. you better write more, whore. and post soon.
2/6/2005 c1 AShleigh
OMG that is such a beautiful story. Please write more! I love it so much. :) See U on the forum.
2/5/2005 c2 aiur
it's so different reading about this kind of Konstantine. so forgive me if my mindset it just totally off. i have difficulties removing names and personalities. anyways - lovely writing on what he was thinking as he sang, a different spin on that song. didn't know you could manipulate that song into this. what do i know. and the radio guy's sucha git. the kind of guy i'd chuck things at. andrew should have flipped him off. yes, on-air. have fun doing andrew. you guys deserve each other =P

2/1/2005 c2 1CATs177
i love it! i read fsm too. I hope u won't paint konstantine as a bitch for the whole story tho cuz she's not and also i think you need to kinda explainfor those readers of fsm about where this story ties in with that one. That's it for now! update soon!~Carrie
2/1/2005 c2 10snowtiger13731
Aww. I don't know if you changed it [which i don't think you did] but it sounded better somehow. Maybe because I wasn't paying as much attention to it when I read it this time? Ionno. And it's SO aww. OH. I know why. It's cuz i'm being hopeless romantic me nowadays. God. This makes me want to go cry.. which I already wanted to do today.. or go write my heart out. TEAR. Agh. I love you biatch.

2/1/2005 c2 15Sad Songs Remind Me
Wilgene Menchise...INTERESTING CHOICE OF LAST NAME. It's so common. And It's totally not mine, at all. No way. hahahahahaha, you whore. Okay, I know that WHORE that Andrew slept with is TOTALLY YOU. It's a prophecy of what's going to happen tomorrow, I'm sure. You really are a whore. This chapter is hilarious. I laughed the entire time I was reading it. I particularly liked Wilgene's comments. He's one funny guy. And Andrew's thoughts are funny as hell. He's so completely fucked up and that's so great. Seriously. And acoustic I Want to Save You is pretty hot. And Andrew really does get into it. He's such a whore for Konstantine. Aren't we all? k, write more, darling. And enjoy yourself tomorrow. And take lots of pics. And rape Andrew for me. And yeah.
1/29/2005 c1 Sad Songs Remind Me
Wilgene? What the FUCK is that? Funny as hell, but am I missing something with that. Maybe, who knows. Personally, I love this to pieces. I think it's genius. Complete genius, and inspired me to totally write a new story (if I ever get any free time from WOC...EVER..) And when you rape Andrew, you better think of me, and this story, because obviously the story and I have a close bond. And yeah, I have no idea where I'm going with this. But I love you, and I love you for decicating this to me. And I love you in general. And I love you because you're my SoCo whore. And I love you just because. yeah. I have to go finish woc, or chris will come to nj and beat the shit out of me. haha. yeah, so update soon, bitch. And I'll make sure to leave a better (sexier) review next time.
1/29/2005 c1 11EmptyNight
I like the different edge you seemed to put on the song. Its dramatic and unpredictable, i didnt like the ending to much, but its a great story
1/26/2005 c1 8lydia is pretty
FP ate my review. And i already reviewed in your eljay. but i shall do it again here.

i love the descriptions and the way the words flow at the beginning. it sucks you in, makes you intrigued about what's going to happen next (post the second chapter already, dammit).

i like andrew. he seems funny, and not so bad right now.

i love konstantine. i love that she seems like a bitch. i want more of her. this story is going to be so fucking good. i love it. post more.

i like the insertation of brand new lyrics near the end. they're the perfect lines to use, too.

1/24/2005 c1 aiur
you mean i can be a complete sleeper here and i'll get credit for it? sweet =D this is a great beginning. it cuts right to the chase and plunges us right in the middle of a concert. though i'm starting to hate concert chapters, haha. they ALWAYS start with concert chapters. ahh. okay. never mind. it's a different track from FSM completely, which is great. a different cast, too. a little more bitter and less dreamy. and konstantine looks like she's the one at fault here. it's gonna be fun seeing where you take this one, because of the switch in perspective and everything. the beginning i loved: really emotional and powerful. the end i think ... i don't know. i have something against people just swearing off at others right off the bat with no real explanation, because to me it's a missed development opportunity. i don't care about that here, but i might as well have gotten that out right away. good start!

1/23/2005 c1 10snowtiger13731
I like the beginning you added onto it. Gives it more transition. Still don't like the word 'went' in your third paragraph, but hey, that's me. And now I know where I'd heard the flipbook thing. HERE! When you were talking about titles with me last night, and I just couldn't figure out where it was from. Strong beginning, especially once you get to the fourth paragraph where you're like.. it wasn't pleasant being reminded every night of the past blah blah blah. Cuts straight to the truth and gets to Konstantine. Just make sure you don't make him an overbearing emo guy, 'cause too much emo can be disgusting. Totally ideal for us, but totally unrealistic. And I never told you that I liked the way you did the whole.. 9 1/2 mins... B flat, B, E thing. It shows that you know jackshit about music, which is cool. And who in the fuck is Wilgene? You didn't have a Wilgene when I read this. Bah. Anyway, I like the anger/angst you're putting in. Does sound like you, though.-jPS - LOVE the dedications. ;)
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