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for A Small Piece

8/31/2005 c2 Rita Nicole
i liked this a lot. the writing seems very deep though its a bit confusing at times (more so in the first chapter). good luck with the rest of it!
6/21/2005 c2 4Eruhin
Wow, this isn't cheesy like so many other fantasy stories. You write almost like a screenplay. Please continue.
3/26/2005 c1 6MAmbler
This i very good. The entrance tot he storys is captivating and well written. The only thing I would change is the first sentance. I would write it like "the two greatest loves her life- no, she shook her head- the ONLY loves her life" (capitals represent italics.) The thing abotu violent trembling is good but interferes with the flow of the sentance, and you can use it later. The - sign is more appropriate and less confusing in this case than commas. Keep writing!
3/4/2005 c2 6Petit Poisson
very interesting. I like it! but it is a bit confusing, so please continue! it sounds like it would be really really good!
2/2/2005 c2 15BecomingMyself
...Where did her son go?

I am curious again...

Looks like I am sucked into the second portion, so now waiting for the third piece...

Till then!
2/2/2005 c1 BecomingMyself
...And so I read this story instead of M&M, and yeah, this story is also well written and from what I read, this is another great one about 'elves' again?

I am a sucker for your writing;Stuck in another one of your stories...Damn, that will take me another year to get it to read...

Good story!
1/25/2005 c1 2brightflash2
Whoa...very cool writing style...nice figuitive language - it really adds to the descriptiveness (which is also really good) You create the character really well, and make me (and others) wonder at how she became such a depressed and broken girl.Please post more! I would love to keep reading about her...the way of writing confused me at first, but now i've been sucked into a depressed-lover-description story of angst and heartbreak, which i am entirely in the mood for...

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