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for Take me with you, Take me away

2/22/2005 c1 38gypsylass
wow, your poems are all really great! this one tugged at my heart!
1/31/2005 c1 269Joey7691
A very wistful one. Good job.
1/30/2005 c1 52la luna cara
beautiful poem! great job on it!
1/30/2005 c1 Wtf is This Shit
Wow! I loved it! Please take a look at my poetry! I think you only looked at 'alone', which is my worst poem. Well, in MY opinion anyways. GREAT JOB!
1/27/2005 c1 16Noir Fleurir
really awesome. REal creative
1/27/2005 c1 59Unfairy
It is good, there is an expressed want for freedom, whether you want to or not.

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