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4/30/2008 c5 XxDragon Princess NikkixX
HI! I know you haven't talked to me in the longest time ever but I have been meaning to read this and I finally found the time today. It was well worth the wait. I *loved* this! It was written very well and powerfully, the characters were well developed... everything. There is nothing I can critique you on. Well done love. Miss ya!

- Nikki -
1/14/2008 c1 12Arrow's Flight
Sounds intriguing, I like the narration in itallics, it adds something to the tone and keeps the story moving along at a great pace. I can't wait to read more about Allene and her sister.

- Arrow's Flight-
11/25/2007 c4 12Xalga
I know I could change things. But you don't check this enough or care enough I believe. Furthmore, you aren't smiling enough.
6/9/2006 c3 SARz
I didn't review the last 2 chapters... that's odd because I have read all this... it's still excting, and I am impatienly awaiting my role with much anticipation.
3/10/2006 c3 The Heffor
We will talk. But good work on this one. Better than I would have guessed on you writing about this. lol that made no sense. Well anyhow I will continue to watch for your next update.
12/19/2005 c3 9InSilverShadows
-gasps!- Can it be? Does Taitai see many stories of hers shouted out on the favorites section? One... two... three... four! Four! You flatter me. ^_^
10/23/2005 c3 3Blah246
Bum bum bum (dramatic music) Rose looks like she's finished with Aukai's lil switch, but things can't be over for the government this quickly can it? If it was it'll be a rather short story, lolz.

To answer your questions on the bottom:

Yeah, it was kind of confusing, I had to refer to the last chapters, but that was only because I had forgotten a few key things between updates. I think somebody reading this consecutively would have an easier time understanding it.

And I thought this chapter was pretty good. Like after looking at the title of the chapter I was reading it very closly looking for clues to who it was.

As for things I don't quite understand, Where did the armies come from? Are they using the residual armies from the initial take over, or has the world been under thier control long enough for them to create thier own divisions of troops?

As always, this was a good read. update soon plz. And by the way, I don't consider this long, I'm currently trying to read something here on fictionpress which each chapter is like eight thousand words. lolz
9/17/2005 c2 Blah246
This pretty good, very catchy.

In my opinion, this would be a very good character oriented story. Like how the characters change over time, especially if u added the right kind of plot twists.

Also, I'd like to see how the relationship between the sisters evolves, and how the alliances between friends hold up under pressure.
9/15/2005 c2 XxDragon Princess NikkixX
Yay! An update! I really like where this is going. I don't have time for a long review but I wanted to make sure you knew that I was still reading and still loving this! Great job and keep up the great work!
6/16/2005 c1 100Abby Sequioa
MORE MORE! you have given us a taste of this story and taken it away... like pringels... once you pop you can't stop!
5/25/2005 c1 SARs
ARGH~ WRITE MORE PLZ? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE *clings to you and pleads* I wanna see how the rest goes~ I REALLY LOVE this story
1/27/2005 c1 XxDragon Princess NikkixX
Fun! Love it! Like I love everything you write. Get the next chapter up soon!

1/26/2005 c1 Sucre-hija
Yeah, you posted it. Yeah.

:( But I'm not cheerful. *Sniff*


Oh well, such a life.

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