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8/26/2005 c7 14kit feral
Yay! I was wondering when you'd update again! "He loved the little games and the presents he got from each one he won." Aw! That is so CUTE! -snuggles Izzie- He's just adorable. And Jiro's ass sounds hot, lmao! And it's so funny/evil how he wants to give his mom a heart attack, lol. By the way, your little a/n just cracked me up. It's so true. I haven't met one straight person. Which makes it so much better! ^.^ Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens. You MUST update soon! You're killing me! Bad cliffe, bad! UPDATE! :D
8/25/2005 c7 Lena
...Yes, WTF was that? *bites nails and waits for an upate* Don't hurt all them cute gay guys! XD More! Mou~!
6/29/2005 c6 J.D. California
too short. but fun nonetheless.
6/28/2005 c2 7Maris. S
Hai! I'm with Izumi! I want some action too! Oi! If I keep reading, will i get a special surprise and get some actin? will I will I? x.x Let's read and find out! I like Seiji by the way
6/28/2005 c1 Maris. S
*lol* it was cute! Onto the nx chappy!
6/28/2005 c6 Crazy-Word-Painter
Aww, what a mean mother! Poor little Jiro. I'm so glad you updated- I've missed Izie! -huggles him- I almost wish I was a gay guy. -sigh- Great chapter, update soon! I can't wait to see what happens! Oh, and pretty picture! I love it.
5/1/2005 c5 14sb1
Aw, I hate Roy for making Izumi sad! But it's a good chapter and I'm glad to see it!I'm working on "inspiration" myself!
4/30/2005 c5 14kit feral
Ha, I’m listening to Bring Me To Life right now, lol. Anyway! Kitten… heehee, I love kitten. That’s my nickname for my… well, he’s not my boyfriend but he might as well be. (Don’t bother trying to figure it out- even I can’t, lol.) Aw, poor Izzie cried! -huggles him- I feel so bad for the little guy! I just want to make him feel better! But since I can’t, you have to! Next chapter- more kisses and less crying! Update soon!
4/27/2005 c5 Olena
Yes, that's right, times are important XD You already know what I think about this chap, but it won't hurt if I say that I love Izumi again? So yeah! I loves Izu-chan! *huggles the daylight out of him*
4/27/2005 c5 J.D. California
the stray dog part was confusing -_-
3/27/2005 c4 14sb1
I like the explaination by Izumi a lot, it added a lot, I think. And the rest of the chapter is grand too, I hope you get a change to post more soon!
3/27/2005 c3 sb1
Another good chapter, sad in many ways but good. And there is certainly a lot of conflict simmering all around, keeps me very interested!
3/27/2005 c2 sb1
I'm really enjoying this, poor Izumi, he's such a sweet heart. And now with Seiji being warned off...hope he doesn't pay attention to mean talk!
3/27/2005 c1 sb1
Ah, another great start! I'm looking forward to more of this!
3/23/2005 c4 6Starlite Nightfall
WOOHOO! HOT YAOI ACTION! ISH GREAT! I love Izumi...evn with his suicidal tendencies. itsh so CUTE! This is just as good as...part I. HAHAHA! I've no idea. Anyway, I love Takashi lots...and the other charris too. Tomo needs somebody. how old is he anyway? bye bye now!
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