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for The Forbidden Lust

6/26/2013 c11 Lina
the grammer is non-existent in this story, its hard to read and grasp i. I found it diffcult to read. Maybe you should find a Beta or try reading you story to yourself before posting it.

Second Grade teacher
3/31/2010 c20 7dreams are for kids

this is soo cute(: I LOVE IT!

this is really really good(: i couldn't stop reading it!

good job! (:
2/12/2010 c20 5TheLadySongSerenade
that was good... it may have been a tad bit rushed, but it was still good :)
2/12/2010 c3 TheLadySongSerenade
... okay... so she has a crush on her teacher... now how does that make her a whore?
8/26/2009 c20 3love-forever
I think my insides just exploded. Like I'm not even kidding. I think my heart just burst from amazingness. I want to hug you, the internet, my computer, and Meredith and Eric. Like...EEP! Freaking EEP! When she opened the book to the ring, I jumped out of the chair and started screaming "I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT!" My dad now thinks I'm a freak. But I don't care! Can I marry this please? Not to sound weird (though I'm sure that ship has sailed), but please?

Being very serious, I love that you made them be found out. That was something I was totally NOT expecting, considering all the other teacher/students don't have that. It was very original, cause you don't expect that to happen and their relationship to continue. When I read it, I was like WHAT? and facepalmed. So I suppose I have you to thank for the large handmark upon my forehead :).

So freaking cute. I loved it. I almost cried like...three times. Although I do wish that Michelle and Nicole got a serious beat down, the whole storyline was quite good. Nice job. :D
1/25/2009 c20 2Abbigail Cross
Wow. Just wo.

I really like this alot.

Also, since it is a completed work, you should mark it as such. A great work deserves to be completed!

Great job on a wonderful story.

Perceived as Insane
6/23/2008 c20 Hannah
That was an AWSOME ending! I absolutely adored this story, I heard you recieved some grief for the highschool being 'stereotypical' but honestly, the people in highschool really do tend to fall into the stereotypes, even if they are not aware of it. Generally popular girls become popular(and stay popular) by pushing everyone else down. Just like those who keep to themselves actually do get talked about quite a bit BECAUSE no one knows much about them. It's sadly just the way it is, if anything I'm just glad that you didn't over (or under) do it with the highschool drama. Great Job, cheers to you and your wonderful story!
6/17/2008 c20 1FallinAngelGirl


God, I hated those two bitches that were cheerleaders...reasons why I hate those kind of people.

You did a great job even with the errors of spelling. Keep it up!
6/17/2008 c1 FallinAngelGirl
I love it so far! So intense! :)
6/6/2008 c3 2akaCHEEKS
woah, sounds interesting.
12/24/2007 c20 18J.S. Goldberg
Wow. I really liked this story. I don't know why, but I love to read these forbidden romance stories between teachers and students. I don't know. Haha. It just makes a good read because you never know how they'll turn out I guess. I read one where the girl gets her heart broken because he actually leaves and never comes back. Haha. But I thought this was a great story. I feel bad for Meredith. Well in the beginning. But she's stronger now and she has Eric. So things worked out. Good job. Slightly cliche, but I love cliches. Loved it and it's on my favorites. ^_^
12/13/2007 c15 x.o.x.o
Selfish, selfish girl! How DARE she try and pull that one again? Screw her, this story is so cliche!
12/13/2007 c3 xoxoxox
"Don't ruin that pretty face of yours with these tears." I would smack him silly and leave. Dumb, sexist teacher *mutters* maybe I'm just a tad touchy today?
10/23/2007 c20 tenshinanashi
i don't know why...but i liked this. probably because it the concept itself is very taboo in modern society-all that crap with women teachers cheating on their husbands with young boys and all that. Anyways it fascinates me.
10/17/2007 c1 x.o.x.o
First let me say, that I do like this story, and I think it's nicely written, I like the other characters...I just...I don't feel any emotion besides disgust toward Meredith.

My parents fight, they scream about money and so on, but they put a roof over my head, they feed me, they buy my cloths, they don't pay for my car, and I'm think Meredith's parents do all of the former and the latter, as well...but I quote: "but he made sure to keep it in perfect shape and condition for her. The only good thing he did for her, really." in that line, she seems a bit like a drama queen. No. Alot.

Also, the bullying in school.

A bunch of people are bullied in school, and, well, honestly, they deal with it alot better than cutting themselves (who they are apparently happy with) up.

Meredith, just from the first chapter, makes me angry. I don't like her much.

But I'm not saying other people won't connect with her, to me, though, she seems like a lamenting, bratty, unappreciative girl.

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