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7/29/2002 c1 Jave Harron
Great story! Must be one of those 'older models.' Or maybe Apple Computers started making TV's.
1/22/2001 c1 razorwire tightrope
I don't know about the "G" rating due the little graphic language in the piece, but it was truly inspired. And at the same time sadly true.
1/20/2001 c1 the ringmistressyep i realized the ringmaster was male.haha
that was awesome lol it kept me entertained the whole time...good job that was great
1/20/2001 c1 weebs
Very interesting & imaginative. Have a really bad nightmare, or just hate TV?
1/20/2001 c1 Emmy
That was really great... I liked the PBS twist :)

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