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3/15/2005 c3 17Tessabe
This is getting better and I'm the last one to complain right now about taking too long to update. I'm glad I put this on my favorites
3/9/2005 c3 12Arrow's Flight
I also know evil insane red haired people! YEAH! This chapter is really good, and I can't wiat to meet Mr. Wakeman. EVIL OR GOOD? I love werevolves, and this is a different way of describing them.


-Arrow's Flight-
3/5/2005 c3 7Alareic
This is amazing. I cannot believe that I didn't read this earlier. I urge you to continue! I've checked all three boxes!

3/5/2005 c2 Alareic

3/5/2005 c1 Alareic
Is is awesome...final comments at the 3rd chapter.

3/3/2005 c3 kayttea
hey! this is great, I'm really getting hooked. You might have wanted to mention that our main character was a girl a bit earlier on in the story. you didn't make it that obvious... or maybe you did and i didn't notice... o.0.

i love this. update soon! and thanks for your reviews! til next time!-kps.- i hate school, i'm far into my school work too. i'm not sure if it's my fault tho, it's my evil teacher who give homework every SINGLE day! lol, later! update asap.
3/3/2005 c1 9faerie-gumdrops
Would you believe I've never read a werewolf story before? There's absolutely no reason behind that, as I like werewolves, I've just never done it. How wierd is that? Sorry. I babble too much.Anyway this chapter was so exciting and intense. I really liked it, and it leaves a lot of questions too, like where the speaker doesn't want to go back to so much. God I'd hate to do all that running in the beginning, as I'm about as active as a flannel. That was a clever idea for the narrator to pretend to be injured too.
3/1/2005 c3 12Stormie Greye
I just gotta love your writing style! LoL! I love the way Yukira thinks. 'If you weren’t at least a little afraid of them then you’re either really stupid or just...well really stupid.' That made me laugh. XD! You must update soon! I can't wait to read what happens next! =^^=
3/1/2005 c3 33aeolyn
Awesome chapter. Can't wait to see what happens with the meeting with Mr. Wakeman in the next chapter.
3/1/2005 c3 Midnight Predator
I am soo too lazy too log in. Nice chapter again, I like where this is going. This wolfpack, or whatever it is, seems sort of strange though. Like it's only good if you are at the top. Anyway, update soon.

happy hunting, ~Midnight Predator~
2/28/2005 c3 11arachibutyrophobia
The meeting with Mr. Wakeman looks like its going to be real interesting...please update this. I love it!

2/28/2005 c3 12MoonDaughter17
Cool story so far. Pretty interesting. It would be good to give a little background info though, but, whatever. More please! ^.^
2/28/2005 c3 1ShadowFawkes
I cann't see anything major wrong with it, I'm no expert on that. I like where this is going. It still leaves me with a few questions I hope you answer like, is she a bitten? Or born? How did she meet these people? That's all I got. Keep it up and I can't wait to read more.

2/26/2005 c2 17Tessabe
This is very interesting. I've gotten curious about where this is going, good job.
2/20/2005 c2 Arrow's Flight
Very Well written. it might come across as similar to BITTEN, but unfortunately I've never read it. :( Poor me. Is it any good?

No criticism right now. the girl sounds like she was once very pretty. What happened? I'll find out in later chapters i guess. :)

(The reason I never check grammar or spelling is because mine is horrible)

Favorite character: Yukira (I tink that's how you spell the name) Can't wait for the next chapter. thank's for reviweing!

-Arrow's Flight-
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