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7/28/2009 c33 aneesa-93
Oh God...I've just read this whole story for, what I think must be, the billionth time. Okay, slight exaggeration but seriously, I think I have read the whole thing about ten times since I first discovered about a year and a half ago.

And I never get bored of it! I still love it so much. Reading this story makes me so Happy - euphoric even. SO much that even when I am off doing something else the happiness still lingers with me.

Whenever I am rereading this story I still laugh like crazy at Rafael's pranks at the boys school or when he gets hit by the door, I still get angry at Marie's actions and I always feel Rafael's pain like my own when he thinks Jessie has died even though I know that she is fine.

Your characterizations are perfect, which is probably why this story means so much to me: Everything is so REAL that I have to believe it. I love Rafe's family (every single one of them - Dani's awesome, his dad is a sweetheart and his mum is absolutely lovely, Miss Healthgot is also a really nice character and Jessie is one helluva girl.

And I think the reason why I love this story so much is the fact that it is from Rafael's point of view. His narrating is just so funny and with him even the most menial tasks are so entertaining. I can't go three lines without something (mostly his arrogance) shocking me into laughter. When I first started reading the story I thought I wouldn't like him, but my opinion on that changed VERY soon and by about halfway into the story I loved him and by the end I was IN love with him. I can't even begin to list all the things I like about him, and about the rest of the characters and the story. Maybe, I will do in another review...because I'm a gazillion percent sure that I will be reading this story once again.

SO this review is to let you know how much I appreciate this story and to thank you for it. Because, whenever I'm reading this story (I usually spread it over two to three days) my heart feels so much lighter around that time and for a few days after.

I think this is one of the best stories I have ever read, if not THE best, and trust me when I say that I read A LOT. A lot of every type of story but none make me feel as good as this.

So yeah, thank you so so so much for this story.


7/26/2009 c34 ghurl00
that was an awesome fic! i love it:)

one of the best fics ive ever read!

hands down!

it was great great great!
7/26/2009 c34 2SweetNessa326
i luv ur story...i jus couldnt stop reading it...you should really try n publish it..i think u would be able 2 do it..well dont ever stop writing...this right here is your future...thank u for making me enjoy the story
7/6/2009 c34 Suave Dares
I would just like to say, this is my third time reading this story, and as always I loved it. Life is Beautiful is by far my favorite fiction on fictionpress and engages my imagination as I read it.

I believe this is my third review and for the third time I'll congratulate you on an amazing story.
7/6/2009 c1 red-is-my-color
FINALLY! i foud this story... i already finished reading this dacades ago .. and i wanted to put it on my fav. stories but the problem is i forgot the title... relif that i found it :))
6/7/2009 c33 v

AND PS. I freakin' love this story.

its really great that you're getting it published.



5/23/2009 c33 Revel in the Night
I can't honestly describe to you how incredible this story is so I'm not even going to bother trying. Anything I would have said about it would be a huge understatement to how I truly feel. Just know this, I love the originality in the fact that this story is from first and foremost a guy's perspective and then includes a girl's diary entries. It is such a creative way to write a story and I'm impressed that you were able to pull it off so well. An awesome story written by an even more awesome writer.

- Revel in the Night
5/20/2009 c33 11MorbidAngelXxX
I absolutely loved this story. It was amazing. The ending was perfect. Thank you for writing it and sharing it. =D
5/3/2009 c33 MK16

god this was the best read ive read in AGEESS

really well done

the only critisism i can say is maybe some spelling errors along the way

and the fact that Rafaels physical appearance wasnt really described for a while.. my fault if i missed it.


i loved it to pieces ^_^ !
4/30/2009 c1 anyonebutyou3
Hey, so im just starting to read your fic, which by the way sounds pretty good. :)

"Please don’t kill anyone and pass your classes.” Right here it sounds as if she's telling him not to pass his classes.. don't know if that's just me, or whatever. lol But because of your opening authors note I'd thought I'd let you know anyway.
4/26/2009 c33 Typically Cliche
omg this story was so cute i loved everything about especially the ending really great job
4/12/2009 c34 artmagus
wow it's a really beautiful story .i was reading for hours and even though i was tired and should have gone to bed ( my mother actually yelled at me because i was noisy ), i couldn't stop reading it!
4/8/2009 c34 1Da.ChiicK.Fr0m.H3LL
nice =] i liked the stpry plot a lot
3/26/2009 c33 4slee5133
OMFG! i love this story so much. like seriously. i think i'm in love with rafael. i love the fact that it's in his P.O.V! lol his thoughts totally crack me up! and man, some of the tension in there! i had to walk away from my laptop at the diary part cuz the tension was getting too much. :P sigh. love it. and i was just thinking, alex pettyfer would make a brilliant rafael! well to me anyways. i sincerely hope you get published. maybe put it up on authonomy?
2/24/2009 c33 2book-geek
wow that was one of the BEST stories ever! I swear I was balling my eyes out when I thought Jessie died! thats one of the things in a good writer,u laugh, cry, smile,ect.with the chatecters u basically feel wat the charecter feels.

another thing I luved about LIB is that u saw Jessies POV through her diary. very creative!

anywayz Im going to end this here because I got hw to do.

amazing story cant wait to read more of ur work :)
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