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8/12/2005 c1 58WhisperBlack
you reviewed an anti-rhyme poem of mine a long time ago, so you should feel exceptionally complimented when i say i love this poem. the rhythm and flow, the words and romanticism of it...*sigh*:)
5/17/2005 c1 44Stormer
This was a really pretty poem and it inspired lots of lovely images in my mind, of landscapes and of relationships. Nice work!
2/25/2005 c1 RainShadow2005
It's so refreshing and interesting how these short and uplifting little poems of yours pop up from time to time. You seem to be able to write across all genres; essays and poems and songs and even a few novels started. The line that struck a chord for me was "We'll always walk together though we be far apart." Short, to the point, and almost lyrical. I like it.
2/2/2005 c1 20Once in a blue moon
This is surely true for any strong friendship. I think the simple, clean-cut verse really highlights what you are saying, rather than the style in which you say it. Bravo.

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