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for Life according to Janie COMPLETE

6/14/2005 c11 Danny
OMG! this story was so amazing, the emotion put it to it is outstanding! i think this story would do very well if actually published. i still can't believe peter died! but at least Janie and he died knowing that they loved eachother. ok, one question...is this a true story? thanks!
5/27/2005 c1 Felicia
WOW that was great~ I cried and wished muh life could be like this that means it's great~ ( like Caleb Ellis and Samms) -cries- Love ya always, Felicia Ann
5/22/2005 c11 bellezagotica
that was a great way to end the story! I loved it! it was really dramatic and very depressing! the "Blue and Yellow" fit in awesome. and I loved the line about how the bruises will disappear, but the scars won't. awesome story, Juli!
5/22/2005 c10 nubia
omg u killed him u killed peter how could you.(sniff sniff)besides that devastating fact i really like this story it's so realistic that i can almost imagine myself in ths situation with my friends.please update soon
5/21/2005 c10 bellezagotica
OMG, THIS WAS SO SAD! I ALMOST CRIED! Poor Janie! it was awful when she found out Peter died . . . and poor Ciara and Frank . . . -sad- so is this the end? no more? -sad again-it was so funny when Ciara and Frank came in! lmao

"I looked at the glass windows of the airport and saw Ciara frantically waving her arms. What a retard…"

that was soo hilarious! awh! Billy and Mandy are gonna be sad apart! that was sweet how they were spending their last four hours together. -smile-

I ♥ this story! too bad it's over . . . great job, Juli! love ya, whore! lmao
5/16/2005 c9 Megan
OMG This is a great series. I was reading BillysRiotGirl27's storys.. shes great too. And I saw you and I thought Id read yours. THEY ARE SO AWESOME! This chapter almost made me cry when he was singing the song that was so sweet!
5/13/2005 c9 bellezagotica
Jo really should have a party for us when we're older! that'd be so cool and so much fun! -woot- loved the chapter! it was funny when Peter was wearing her clothes and vice-versa! lmao! aw, hugs!

you shouldn't quit your story! if you ARE going to, at least finish it, lol!
5/8/2005 c8 bellezagotica
lmao I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! Billy is so freakin sexy! LMAO! oh, Janie and Peter are getting it on! and Mandy laying on Billy like that . . . oh! OMG MANDY STREAKED? LMAO! Hey, Jack! Jack 'n Jo!
5/7/2005 c7 Sarah
That was awesome! I need a soulmate*cries* oh well. I love frappuccino and i kicked that mexican bitches ass! yay!

Love Always,

4/27/2005 c7 bellezagotica
hey, I'm sorry I didn't review earlier! I didn't get an email telling me you updated! LoL OMG I loved this chappy! poor Jo! andy sucks - but I kinda felt sorry for that Mexican girl cuz she didn't know that Jo was with Andy, the stupid ass. it was funny how she was like though! "Ohh, well, hello, Mr. Bloom . . ." hahaha! I LOVED THE SCENE WITH MANDY AND BILLY! ESPECIALLY BILLY IN HIS BOXERS! *faints* I about DIED there! awesome chapter! I love this! ♥
4/13/2005 c7 2Mostly I just read
All the makings of a great drama - can't wait for an update
4/1/2005 c6 ciara iero
hey kathy! that was an awsome story. keep writing! when are you gonna include me and frank?
2/19/2005 c6 bellezagotica
OMG, I loved this chapter! this is my favorite chappy so far! great job! ooh, I see you're getting jiggy with it! LoL that sounds like something Mr. Hays would say! lmao! my fave scene was with the gothic skater boy! I wonder what happens to them? I dunno. gothic skater boys are so drop-dead sexy! and the scene with the old guy (*cough* Mr. Johnson *cough*) really scared me! ah! I would die, too! one time Sarah ran straight into his arms and she almost screamed! I feel so sorry for her! not! LoL I do feel sorry for her. anyways, I loved this! please, please update soon! I wanna find out what happens with Mandy and Skater Boy! *grin* oh ya, thanx for the band name! I should be updating my story soon!
2/7/2005 c1 Sarah
I don't have time to read it all now. i updated G.K.
1/31/2005 c5 bellezagotica
aw, Kyle is so cute! hahaha, the pizza man is really a woman! I love how their bedrooms are right across from each other! its so romantic... *sigh* I love the ending! so cute!
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