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for My Moonlit Dream

2/2/2005 c1 15BecomingMyself
Finally able to review you again, I can see you have been busy writing a lot of rhyming works...

I have to say though that you might want to change your built up of your work. Try to do something in free verse; just by using different words and expression to get the same meaning of the poem out on paper. Your work tends to be a little of the same, like you are stuck with the same words, while talking about different emotions.

About the structure, I guess, all in all it is ok, yet I know you can make your work a lot stronger, more passionate, to get more tension in it.

Get on with it, and yes, you may have one iota of my talent, if you promise to give it back? :)

Sorry for the delayed review, but thank you for your review to my work; it is always appreciated...

Laureen; write on!
1/31/2005 c1 8TheQueenOfSpace
Very nice. Keep writing!

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