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12/2/2005 c3 2UnnamedUntamed
Right, this is actually a second review for chappie 5 but i only thought of this once i had clicked the 'submit review' button and it won't let me review the same chapter twice (evil thingmyjig)

Anyhoo, is the woman the other charecter you said was going to be really funny? Is she, is she, is she?

*whinney voice* UPDATE SON!

Ps. sorry for the whole "wee" and "Thingmyjig" thing. It's 06.26 in the morning and i haven't gotten to sleep because i keep on having weird thoughts in my head when i try. Lets blame it on the fact that they men in white coats haven't come to give me my anti-insanity pills yet!

See ya
12/2/2005 c5 UnnamedUntamed
I've been away from fictionpress for ages, have I not?Still lovin' the story and still have my suspicions about dear senor (by the way, how do you get those funky wee things above the ns. They're Kool!)See ya!
8/25/2005 c5 31Mya von Dor
interesting...I don't have much to say here right now, except to say she's acting a bit childish, but yeah..good chapter, and who's the woman and why does she care about her inheritance? Anyway, guess I'll just have to find out later, then :)
8/13/2005 c5 16Islandbreeze
Lol, yet again, we find hilarity here (I don't know if that's a word but it describes this story perfectly!) I loved the bit where you said "the mohawk quivered in fear"! LOL. update soon (c'mon, try!)
7/7/2005 c4 31Mya von Dor
so that's the condition! Inntteresting. :D I love this story, btw, just so you know that. :)
6/13/2005 c4 2UnnamedUntamed

I reveiwed like i promised and i have to say I LOVE THIS STORY!

Your descriptions of Senor Villianto are great. He sounds so cool.

I would just like to ask one thing.Is Jay/Senor, Senor Villianto's son?
6/1/2005 c4 16Islandbreeze
lol peggy sue-liked the last paragraph, this is really funny so far, missing a little Kermit though, the style narration just adds to the comedy...glad to see you finally updated! and thnx for your review
5/26/2005 c4 11arachibutyrophobia
lol, should be one wild adventure... please update asap! "...only pausing to stick my tongue out at the secretary." XD cute. immature, but hey, maturity is way overrated^^
5/26/2005 c3 arachibutyrophobia
Lol. and darn it, she passed out before we could here to request...yes...reading on...
5/3/2005 c3 16Islandbreeze
Very nice story so far, funny and well done, your characters are developed nicely. "“Well Senor, do you like my rather impressionistic sculpture of Kermit the Frog?” that line just cracked me up- any reference to Kermit the Frog. Leave us hanging with the end why don't you, it's decent(not!)...update soon!
4/22/2005 c3 31Mya von Dor
she gets everything, eh? Wonder if he'll repeat the condition to it or not..but anyway, I have a feeling about the new guy, but I'm not going to say what that is in case I'm right and someone else reads my review...

btw, good chapter!
4/21/2005 c2 11arachibutyrophobia
watch her inherit like a billion dollars lol. great chappie, please update and go more indepth with the new characters and their relationship...with...CHEESE! lol, srry. got a kick out of that ;-) UPDATE! and add more to the summary of the story to make it more catchy...because its a great one and i feel like it doesnt get enough attention ^^
4/21/2005 c1 arachibutyrophobia
omg. LMAO that was GREAT! ROFL. cant believe the guy finally blews something up thats HILARIOUS! :-) ok, next chappie!
4/15/2005 c2 31Mya von Dor
ah, enertaining. It'll be interesting to see how the will-reading goes.
2/12/2005 c1 33aeolyn
Nice start you have here. I love the discriptions you used and I really liked the way you discribed your characters. They seem more...real, more than just characters in a way. Anyways, I like it ^_^

and thank you so much for the review on Of Immortals and Demons. It was much appreciated ^_^
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