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8/30/2011 c6 8DorkExpress
awww... I don't get t to read any more Grace and Sean spewing at each other? Well that sucks!

8/8/2011 c6 8Alice Heist
You should finish this story. I know it's been years since you've probably even looked at it, but I think it's an excellent premise. At the moment, I think Grace is a little bit one-dimensional (I hate him; he ruined my life). I would say the same of Sean, but it's evident that there's something we don't know about him.

Anyway, the point is: I've seen your writing now, and I think that this story could be something great.

If you need further incentive, I'll offer you my services as a beta reader.

P.S. You should definitely update/finish Shattered Dreams. I love it way too much, and it's been almost a week since you updated. (You updated every day for a couple of chapters! You're tormenting your readers by making us wait).
2/14/2011 c6 4Garneau

This is such an interesting story.

Grace actually seems like a really selfish character. She may have a disagreement with the best man but wouldn't she try regardless for her friend as it is her wedding?

I am really intrigued to see where you actually consign this and how Sean is ever going to win back some of Grace's trust.

I am really enjoying it so I hope you update it soon,

5/9/2010 c6 1HeartsOfDiamonds
I love this story. I know it's on Hiatus and all, but is there any chance that you'll continue it? If you don't, i understand, but it would be great if you did. I actually don't know who i like more. I love Sean since he's just so heartbroken over Grace, but i also love John because he's just so sweet. Not to mention, Benjamin is just adorable! When i read about the brownies, i got really hungry... By the way, i just posted my first story on fictionpress, any chance you could check it out and pop in a review? Thanks alot.
1/7/2010 c6 2fairydustillusion
UPPDAATE! you HAVE TO update this. i LOVE it. LOVE IT LOVE IT.
8/30/2009 c6 Dead Deactivated
-Drools- I have to say Sean does sound very sexy... and that -drools again- This story is Fantastic! Please write a nother chappie soon!
6/23/2009 c6 Night-Rayne
Well...Sean really annoys me
3/18/2009 c6 3dairodair
I'm aware that you haven't updated this story in ages. But I really loved it and hope you decided to update date it. :D
2/27/2009 c6 hoptart
I know it's been almost 4 years since you last updated, but I'm going to review anyway. First of all, I absolutely LOVE where this story is/was going. The emotion is so raw I get tingles down my back and start blubbering during the sad parts. I really hope that you start writing/posting for this story again as it has great potential in my opinion. Please don't leave this fantabulous story to rot.
7/5/2008 c1 josi
why did you stop writing for this story...it was getting interesting
4/20/2007 c6 Hummer
I just wanted to know if you were going to update on this story or if you had given up on it...

I just found it and fell in love with the whole premise of the plot...
1/9/2007 c6 10cherrypiesizzle
NO...Sean's attitude is fine. He's very sweet and friendly, don't make him a jerk just cuz most guys are. And his attitude just shows he cares about her, so I don't see what's wrong with that - there isn't anything feminine about him. You write in a guy's point of view quite well, actually. I wouldn't be worried about it if I were you. Sean is Se-xy (with a capital S) LOL
1/9/2007 c3 cherrypiesizzle
Oh, MAN! This is wonderful! It's a masterpiece! I love it! Lol. It's amazingly well-written, and I love the characters so far. would give a longer review, and I will when I get the time, but it's really late and a school night..so, eh...I'm sorta sneaking this story hehe

Two thumbs up! (And he didn't really sleep with the other contestant, right? Right?)
12/27/2006 c6 2Serolina
I REALY like this story! it is so cute! and i love the characters and the way that you set everything up. it is an awsome story andi can't wait to see what happens next!

12/6/2006 c6 need inspiration.haha P
hey i've startd reedin this...(duh)lol nehuu um it's jus reeli good so plz update?


p.s wat a crappy review, rite? sowi im not gud at 'em!
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