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for The love between a demon and human

9/27/2006 c4 2Serolina
oh this last one ends creepily. i can't wait for the next one!

2/6/2005 c3 12Cougarphoenix
Very nice. Only a few complains about this fic:

1. A few too many run-on sentences. Just add in a ";" or "," somewhere in the really long ones.

2. very few descriptions, i only have a vague idea of what all the characters look like. A few more descriptions in this wouldn't hurt

3. Some of the lines are a bit corny: "I'm menomaru, heir to the tribe of wolf demons" . . . i dont' know anyone that really talks like that, but oh well. He has a bit of peronality, anyway.

This fic really sounds like inuyasha, with demons and that kinda stuff. Anyway, nice story, keep up the nice work!

2/4/2005 c1 julie
hey kinda cool, update soon

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