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3/9/2005 c13 8Kazza2085
NO! Dude! They can't loose the kiddies! NO! Lee will go nutso and turn into some physo nut! NOO! U can't do that!
3/9/2005 c12 theremaybeagodyahoo.com
you shouldn't worry about this being a soap opera.

there aren't enough illegitimate children involved.
3/8/2005 c12 ItalianQT
Yeah! I'm happy that it wasn't Brett that was doing drugs! Update soon! : )
3/8/2005 c12 theremaybeagodyahoo.com
wow. this reader is shocked.

now, don't you let my baby get aids. please, it's so painful!

i like that brett is staying involved. Jamie needs a friend.

your characters have so many facets in their personalities. it's what makes your stories so attractive.
3/8/2005 c12 1samalane
*grins* that was fast. And I loved it. I so cannot wait for the next chapter. i love this story so much *grovels at feet* read Heart Shaped Box, it's like, the actual story i'm working on. And slash, so like, yeah.Ms.Lucy
3/8/2005 c12 11Wolfie Star26
Jeez, and I think I have problems in my relationship. Damien and Brett have way more. Hehe. Awesome job, please update soon.
3/8/2005 c12 2Antony At Last
You had more spelling/grammatical errors than usual. I could tell you were a tad bit rushed when writing, but it didn't affect the content. This was a needed chapter. I've been waiting for Brett to be a man, and stand up for Damon. Can't wait for another chapter. *snaps*
3/8/2005 c12 25Esquirella
Hmm. I guess Damon's going to be jealous of Jamie's relationship with Brett now. I love how real your stories are. Your characters are so human, and lifelike, it's like watching them live in front of you.
3/7/2005 c12 1Unknown Entity
Aw, so sad. I feel sorry for everyone right now!
3/7/2005 c12 1The Inkslinger
*gazes with adoration* I was so depressed about last chapter.. I felt terrible about more things going wrong, and even though I was furious, absolutely spitting with rage because of Jamie in the middle of this chap, I'm more sympathetic now.. and I'm just so -happy-!

It was a wonderful, relieving, beautiful chapter. Despite the fighting and blood everywhere and yelling... *cry* I can't believe how immersed you've gotten me in this story. I know I say this all the time, but your characters, and their situations, seem so very real. I can completely imagine running into one of them on the street or what not, and it being utterly natural... ^^;; How can they just be fictional characters? It boggles my mind!

Thank you ever so much for this chap. I enjoyed it to no end!


P.S. I can't believe I even thought for a moment that Brett would use drugs! Oh, well, I've always been a gullible dolt. _
3/7/2005 c11 Emily
Oh no! Don't leave us hanging there! I love your writing style. It would be interesting to see a little more of Brett's POV, since all sorts of bad things have been happening to him lately. I love the way you have developed Damon's relationship with Leonie, Tammy, and Lee. Update soon!
3/7/2005 c11 ItalianQT
Oh damn...all hell is about to break loose.. Update soon! : )
3/7/2005 c11 1samalane
ARGHH! Oh my god, you can't leave us hanging! :( Ah whatever, i'm so glad you updated, and i'm like, dieing to read the nexter chapter,Ms.Lucy
3/7/2005 c11 4Taylor-Ame
I've been so slack with my reviews lately. Sorry.

Very good chapter. The only thing I didn't understand was the part about Spare Me The Details and why it was somewhat unpopular in the car. That bit had me scratching my head.Anyway, it's intriguing as to who the syringe belonged to. Poor ole' Damon never has much luck, does he?
3/7/2005 c11 11Wolfie Star26
Brett is taking drugs? Holy shit, thats frickin wrong and horrible. It makes me cringe. i'll be glad when I can actually get out the police academy and take that stuff off the street. Jeez. Anyway, it took you quite awhile to update *stomps foot impatiently* I was like waiting and wishing each author alert from you was for this story. Hehe, update soon.
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