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2/7/2005 c2 1The Inkslinger
Oh my goodness! This- "I’m still a little put-off by the reminder of how females behave in groups" made me laugh so hard... yikes! And Tammy makes the house smell of females? What the...? Very funny, though.Again, your characters are so perfect in that they -aren't- perfect... I mean, Lee being both a total brat and also so mature completely fits the confusion of a fourteen year old! And Tammy, I understand absolutely why she's as shy/antisocial as she is... and while it seems irritating that she's so stand-off-ish, her situation and behavior is so easy to relate to. ^_^ Your characters just seem so very -real- it's hard to accept that they're only fictional..

Another wonderful chapter, and I'm so happy you've updated and stuck with Fp! *grin* I should probably stop pestering you just about now, though.

Til next chap!

2/7/2005 c1 The Inkslinger
I'm so happy. Really. Gosh, but do I ever adore Lee. He's so rough (foul-mouthed and such) around the edges, but once you get past that he really is so very sweet. Well, maybe sweet isn't the right wording, but he's definitetly got a heart of gold. Coming after Damon like that.. it was so sly and yet wise of him, sheesh. *chuckle* But the fact that he has a monstrous hunting knife just makes me laugh (after the horrible situation had passed... it was actually pretty awesome that he had it while threatening Michael). It's dangerous and intidating for him to have it, of course, but also kind of funny, too. Eh. I'm so excited to see how the situation with Tammy will progress, and I really like Leonie thus far. And I cannot wait to see what's next! Damon's horrible family, -oh- it drives me nuts. I want to murder them! Argh. Sorry for this disjointed review... I'm listening to beach boys at the moment at well, enough said, I think.Alright, on to chap 5!
2/7/2005 c2 4Taylor-Ame
Huh? I go away for THREE days, and come back to hear that you left and took all your stories with you? What happened?
2/7/2005 c2 ash211
Wow, I didn't realize you were even gone...but I am certainly glad to have you back. I seriously enjoy your stories.
2/7/2005 c1 5Meaglin
I have just finished reading the first Brett and Damon story, These Days. I downloaded it onto word a few days ago, thank god too! I loved it. It was flippin amazing! I even cried at the end! i cant believe someone can write that good! Well i can because you do, but still, you get my point. Can i have your autograph? Please? :) I havent started reading this yet but i am gonna and soon! Gotta do my biology course work first. Damn it!
2/7/2005 c1 8Kazza2085
Do my eyes decieve me? Could it be possible? You're back? YOUR BACK YOUR BACK! :-p I hope I helped in this decision...

Welcome back darl
2/6/2005 c2 Emily
I'm so glad you're back! I love the tension you've got going on here with Tammy and Lee. You have an amazing ability to write people at any age. I liked how Brett and Damon teamed up against Lee. It shows that they are really getting into the parenting thing. Is there more Brett-centric plot coming up later? You know he's my favourite!
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