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4/27/2005 c26 69tomato-greens
Gah, fighting and cursing! It is like pictsies, only a gazillion times larger and not in a Terry Pratchett book!

Um. Yeah. That probably wasn't the most appropriate comment to make. But goodness. The drama level shur iz a-comin' up. (End accent.) Okay, well, this was absolutely and totally unexpected.

4/27/2005 c24 tomato-greens
My goodness.

Okay, you said " . . . [James] doesn't want . . . me invading his family time EVERY, EVERY again" instead of 'ever, ever again'. Other than the fact that this is really turning into Soap Opera Schmorgasbord-mind you, I have no idea if that's spelled correctly-I have really no objection.

And in NO WAY meant to be insulting, this is making me laugh. Slightly. In the way that Shakespeare's tragedies make me laugh, only not quite, because I'm not snurkling at the insults (especially those involving larvae of various colors) and you're an Australian woman, not an English male from the 1600's. See, now I'm rambling, so I'll go. But, uh, good.

I have no reviewing skills.
4/27/2005 c23 tomato-greens
Why? Mine virgin eyes . . . (Watch tomato curl into fetal position.)

Okay, other than the obligatory squicky-scene-guilt-trip, this was good.

Except, honestly, I can't imagine swearing at my kid . . . though I suppose my mummy-dearest swears at me from time to time, so there ya go. Since that's my only real complaint, that's not at all bad. Um. Yeah. The end.
4/27/2005 c26 1samalane
Aww.Man. Second last chappter?

No one will write Damon as well as you do though.

And I think je did the right thing. Well, can't wait for the last chapter, then,Ms.Lucy
4/27/2005 c26 tarredglittered
It has been a very long time since I've ever felt hate toward a main character. I used to identify with Damon, but now... oh, yeah, I hate him a lot right now. I agree with everything Lee said, haha. What an idiot.

That said, you write unbelieveably real emotions. I adore you. Hate Damon; adore you. I'm done.
4/27/2005 c26 Damian E L
-sigh- One more chapter.
4/27/2005 c26 2Antony At Last
4/27/2005 c26 25Esquirella
*Sobbing* I know he's going to come over here and all, and I know you have plans for Brett, but it's just so freaking sad to see them breaking up. They really were my first favorite couple on FP, and continued to to be so. *Sniffle* And I think Brett needed to act this way about it. He'd been waiting for Damon to move in with th him for 2 weeks. I also think Damon was perfectly in character to keep trying to skirt the issue and hope that all would take care of itself. But it's still so sad! *Sobs again. TMFTP characters all pat Esq's back comfortingly*
4/26/2005 c26 3bambi4real
argh! damon is a selfish bastard!
4/25/2005 c25 tarredglittered
Jesus, Damon, part and parcel with being in love is recognizing the little quirks and annoyances and working PAST that, you stupid blockhead!

-sigh- I just want to knock his head into a wall, I swear. This story is so brilliant, and evokes such emotion. I just adore it.
4/21/2005 c25 1samalane
It made me cry. That might possibly be the mix of depression and the chapter but still. It's fucking wonderful, Please please keep writing, please.
4/21/2005 c25 96Liebe Sasa
I love you for how often you update this.

Not much can be said that isn't reitteration.

4/21/2005 c25 2Antony At Last
No, it can't be the end. No mistakes, though there were one or two figurative mistakes. All good though, except for the entire Damon leaving Brett, no matter how practical it is.
4/21/2005 c25 M L
Agh, I'm used to your huge titanic chapters. I feel withdrawly. I want coffee -.-

I'm so proud of Brett ^^
4/21/2005 c25 25Esquirella
Oh, good GOD! "No pressure" on anyone that maybe in poor Damon's future, huh? LOLOLOL! I still hate that they're breaking up, even though I now feel it's for the best. I know we should all say, "Hey, at least Damon's being honest," but for the life of me I can't help feeling so sorry for Brett when he doesn't get an "I love you," back after that heartfelt speech. But I still sympathize with Damon. Leanne maybe depressed, but she's a real bitch! Not a slight one. A real one.
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