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4/21/2005 c25 ItalianQT
Poor Brett... Update soon!
4/20/2005 c25 Kaz
Here I was thinking it was over for good this time... HMM! Evilness! Brett is such a baby... Damon is kinda lame but he's getting better getting tough getting strong... Getting individual! And obviously goin well epilsepy wise..
4/20/2005 c25 3bambi4real
no no no don't do this i will hurt. I know i am sounding as pathetic as brett but it all sounds so final and inevitable. please no. I'm crying right now.
4/20/2005 c24 ItalianQT
I can't believe they're falling apart! Update soon!
4/19/2005 c24 96Liebe Sasa
'it’s not like I bought anything with me.’

Brought instead of bought, I think.

Man. I don't want to repeat everything I say about this story again and again, so I won't. I'm just kind of.. worried? Maybe. I think Damon would miss Lee more than he thinks, but maybe that's just me reading too much of myself into the situation. I look forward to the next update.

4/19/2005 c23 Liebe Sasa
'I inspect my red care carefully'

Car instead of care.

'I know there time together hasn’t been perfect; James had an extremely difficult time adjusting...'

Their instead of there.

As always, I really enjoy many aspects of this story. As I have said before, the characters and situations are very -real-, the developments aren't predictable but they are still believeable, and your writing style is wonderful about intermingling 'showing' and 'telling'.

4/19/2005 c24 2Antony At Last
4/18/2005 c24 Emily
You are most definitely not the only one who likes Brett! In fact, I'm rather annoyed at Damon. I feel so sorry for Brett. Great job!
4/18/2005 c24 1samalane
Wow. That's probably the most mature thought that Damon's ever thought. Good for him, though I feel so totally sorry for Brett. Nice, this was a great plot turn, good chapter. I can't wait. And at least SOMEONE (whether they be fictional or not) is being mature.
4/18/2005 c24 M L
Oh my god, you can't end it there. -dies-
4/18/2005 c24 25Esquirella
*Grumble grumble, gripe gripe* You had to know that was coming from me, right? (LOL!) You know how I feel about this couple and looks like you're going to break them up either permanently or for a little while. *Sigh* Ah well. I know you and I know you know where this story is going, so I'm going to have to sit back and trust you. (LOL Again!) I love this story and I love the characters, and your writing is spot on as always! I just don't want my little Damon to leave Brett. *Sniff sniff!* But I'm still going to read it no matter what you do to my favorite guys.

I think Damon was right to be angry that Brett hadn't told him anout Leanne's depression beforehand. He basically ordered Damon around and intimated that Damon's feelings weren't as important as anyone else's. That would make someone feel unloved no matter what the situation. I think the whole thing has become unbearble for Damon. Think about it. He does feel guilty that Brett supports him. He would get a job if his epilepsy wasn't so much of a problem. Then Brett rubs it in that Damon should stop complaining and just take care of the children as he's told. And he withholds affection even when Leanne's around. No matter what anyone thinks of Damon as a person, that is a cruel circumstance to find oneself.

And while Brett is now apologetic, his behavior was so "out of left field" (gotta love my baseball terms, LOL!) that Damon really can't be sure it won't suddenly appear again. While Damon may not be working, he is the principle caregiver for three infants during the day (just like he was when Lee was living with them in their unit). It's the classic "housewife" syndrome many women suffer today. If you choose to stay at home with your child(ren), your mate becomes the principle breadwinner and society views him/her with much more respect, regardless of how stressful it can be to care for several children and do other mundane tasks, like cooking, or laundry (GOD, I hate laundry! - LOL!) And sometimes said mate also thinks less of you because you don't "work". It can wear on someone's self esteem if everyone including your mate sees you as "dependent".

So, in clonclusion (God, I'm wordy today. I hope you still love me after this), I am still very much on Damon's side through all this (even though I do have a job) and think Brett has more making up to do than "I'm sorry" because poor Damon's been told all throughout that he's sponging off Brett and therefore his opinion means nothing.

But I still love this story and will be back with a vengeance to read the next chapter.

Love (really, you're FABULOUS!),Esq
4/18/2005 c24 theremaybeagodyahoo.com
i am so sad. i'm worked up over these characters.

i love your writing.
4/18/2005 c24 Kaz
So heres the question... When is he going to dump the guy and move on with his life? I mean the story doesn't have to end just because they're not playing or trying to play happy families.
4/17/2005 c24 redredredred
ah! ;_;
4/17/2005 c24 4Taylor-Ame
I can relate to Damon's thoughts far more closely than I care to admit to myself.
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