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for Hell's Guards

6/30/2006 c2 14Owl-of-Artemis
O the anti-perfect hero. Interesting!
6/30/2006 c1 Owl-of-Artemis
Hahaha your style reminds me strongly of Terry Pratchett, a writer I adore with all seven senses. :P
3/10/2006 c2 5TheBratMan
This story is a clasic. one of the best ive seen. You know how to write good humor story thingy.
9/26/2005 c2 14glehnmarc
That was a better chater Rob, back to your fine standard A thought- should the chapter have been called Exit our Hero :). I'll be watching for chapter three.
9/15/2005 c1 glehnmarc

I guess I'm just wondering if you need all the other stuff. It is funny stuff and you should definately keep some of it. I just found myself saying 'get on with it' more than I wanted to.

I did like the - Boris forget I said Boris bits.
7/26/2005 c1 34daedal
0_o Interestingly strange - but funny and entertaining nontheless.
7/17/2005 c1 8SwordoftheKing
Heh he, excellent. Good work.

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