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11/28/2005 c1 10Fancy
This is chilling. It starts out like a half-rememered dream or something buried in your blood... and then it's like, "Whoa, Holocaust poem!" I was honestly kind of startled. Being startled, in this case, is probably a good thing-a good reminder that I OUGHT to be startled and... just aware, I guess. The second to last stanza especially sticks out-the idea of names being all that's left. Of course, death and time do that to most, don't they? Hmm... Well, this got me thinking, anyway, which is never a bad thing. =) I'm rambling, now. To sum it up: scary, sad, lovely poem.
7/29/2005 c1 232Second Hand Screams
Woah! Awesome! I love the compassion and feeling you have for the girl. Fantastic job. Love the way you worked the name into each verse, too!

To explain what my song means, let me tell you this: Ides of March is when you're "sitting on top of the world" so to speak. In this case, I refered it to a relationship that's going downhill. In "Julius Ceaser" by SHakespeare, Ceaser was warned bya soothsayer to "beware the Ides of March," meaning, don't get too comfortable, stay on your guard. He didn't pay attention, and ended up being killed. In my song, the couple doesn't pay attention, they think they have it so good, so the relationship dies. Lack of communication, loss of interest, misunderstandings, it's all in there. Just look for it, you'll get it.

Hope that helped you out!

2/15/2005 c1 16Pico the Great
Beautiful name: Anina Abastados. Great poem altogether. Is this a real person that you heard about? Or did she just appear in your head, to write about? Either way, I really like this poem. The device of name-repetition is very well-done here. Overall, I congradulate you.


2/9/2005 c1 194Aslan Israel
May they never be forgotten.

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