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for Un Fiore Chiuso

2/20/2005 c3 4DeliciousAmbiguity
I enjoyed this chapter, it was very cute..kind of. Anyway, continue soon!
2/20/2005 c3 Tangoplanet
Interesting characterization! I like your writing style lots-very personable, highly descriptive. Keep up the good work, because I'm dying to see what happens!
2/20/2005 c3 8Amber Hill
so beautiful... your voice is so.. riveting i just can't pull myself away once i start reading. i wish i were the girl in your story somehow... i don't know why. i applaud your genius... :) keep on going!
2/20/2005 c3 1murky
She seems like a muchly interesting character. I really want to know what it is exactly that has happened to reduce her to this shell. =\
2/14/2005 c2 8Hotkitty
wow...this is beautiful. i love it! i know this is totally off subject but it seems that u have a bit of knowledge on italy from what uve written and like im curently working on something set in the renaissance period and i can seem 2 find ANY information about women in higher social classes etc and all the balls and fornification and how it was dealt with and stuff like that so, if u know any sites or u could help me out, id be realli grateful. i LOVE ur writing style in this and update soon! also, plz email me when u do cuz my alerts have not been working
2/14/2005 c1 Hotkitty
I love the way you write, you're so artistic. the description is beautiful, its difficult to find a fic with as lovely and in depth description as you've added in this. I'm off for the next chapter now...
2/13/2005 c2 vintagewhitegloves
Love it, just love it.
2/13/2005 c1 1MooMooMoo
Wow, I'm amazed at your writing style. You've improved a lot, or I just didn't appreciate it as much before. But it's realy good. Like, it's very calm in a way, but its full of emotion. Continue on with this! nothing boring about it :)
2/13/2005 c2 mauvais ide
my great-aunt mildred was an arsonist and burned down 30 ppls houses and- I'm just kidding! i LIKED IT in case you delete this before reading the rest...kinda feel bad for jackson
2/13/2005 c1 mauvais ide
I like it...you've also done your homework! i know and speak italian fluently, so you did a good job!
2/12/2005 c2 4DeliciousAmbiguity
This chapter was sad. And I already love Ethan! He's so cool. Continue soon!
2/12/2005 c2 35pixy-dizzy
Fantastic beginning. The descriptions are...well, the only word that comes to mind is 'gorgeous'. Despite the almost illusionary Delphine, everything in this story is just so real. *shivers* It's almost spooky; how beautiful this story is already. Great job. Please update soon!
2/12/2005 c2 3Sugar Thief
As always, your writing is gorgeous.
2/12/2005 c2 aiur
LOL um ... no? sorry. i realize it sounded really weird when i said it that way. it wasn't anything you need to worry about. i'm not gonna stalk you somehow using radar technology out of my basement that will reach all the way across the globe. i'll still lock you in that box. i don't think people can appreciate how hard it is to write scenes that are reflective like this until they actually have to do it. it's completely underrated. but you KNOW you have the talent in bringing out emotion in anything. so ... *waves hand about* ... well i guess there's nothing really to say. but this was beautiful. it astounds me, how fast you can make a reader fall in love with your characters. i do know someone who's died in a fire, but you know what? it's not offensive when you write it, because reality is until it happens to YOU, you don't even consider it. it's so bizzare, so separate from "everyday life". so i find i just understand ethan's POV on it. and it's realistic, in any case. keep on going. =) sorry if i did freak you out a little.

2/12/2005 c2 2what-climbed-up-ur-arse
the story's really good.. plz update soon.. keep up the good work..ciao
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