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for Two Gods

7/24/2005 c1 Marisa
This was an absolutely lovely twist of what, I think, is true love. The beginning, was a little unorganized and hard to follow, but it became more clear as the poem progressed. I definitely enjoyed the plot, the story. It's a very interesting thought, and very original. It could use some tweaking, but as a whole it was outstanding.
5/8/2005 c1 6Nobody-n-Particular
lovely, pure, and splendid. Very endearing. I like the happy ending.
4/5/2005 c1 2R is for Rebel
*poke* I tankie for reviewing me poem, so I might as well return the favor ^^; (Oh, what you thought was the problem, it's supposed to sound hopeless. I dun pray o_o;)

I liked this, although it isn't really what I fish for, but it was well balanced. Eternal love is a good subject to base something on and the way you put it was right in that barrel of never-ending fun. Either way, it was well enjoyed. ^^
4/2/2005 c1 Ludicrous Louie
what a cool idea...that one really made me think...it one of those poems that can entertain one(or me) for hours because the concept is so different you get confused if you think about it too much...i loved it!
3/20/2005 c1 24Sarah-Brighteyes
I absolutely loved this story woven poem. It was a beautiful tale. I really enjoyed reading this...it was great. Amazing piece.
3/12/2005 c1 3GotinksX
I'm not really into poetry but this is all right by my standards.
2/14/2005 c1 Coni
"Neither take onAnother lover"
2/9/2005 c1 111MaryCurly
I like it. It reminds me of this awesome book I read once. I don't know if you're a romance novel fan, but this one was my favorite. It was called "Remembrance" by Jude Deveraux.
2/9/2005 c1 10Chaco
i said this yesterday- i like it. XD u should upload ur actual stories, too.

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