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for Misconceptions of Dimension Popping

8/14/2005 c4 15Amaya Windsong
awesome. update soon!

8/14/2005 c2 Amaya Windsong
haha yes! omg i love the misconception thing at the end of each other these...! this story is really funny, great job! i love the chapter titles and how you actually use at least most of it in the chapter. or, you do so far! |rikku|
8/14/2005 c1 Amaya Windsong
hahaha this is awesomely funny. so far, Dara is my favorite, he's a freakin' pimp! |rikku|
8/9/2005 c4 4Mage Dudette
YAY FOR THE PURPLENESS! wo! n fun chappie, but, yea, u knew that already, though i kno how long its taken for u to write it, its ok now! onto chapter 5! ^^
8/8/2005 c4 3LadyBugLuck
YAY! I love it, don't think you rushed the end at all. Aw poor connor *hugs him* and hayden's such an ass...but hes a cute ass...lol, sgol hole ^^ See, you got it up ok, just took a while, lol. So glad you finally finished it! ttyl!
8/7/2005 c4 Ether Boy
I still liked this Chapter regardless that stuff's being revealed. But still don't know too muc yet so still intrigued by them all. + i've got use to the layout know it's pretty good in all fairness.
7/24/2005 c3 4Mage Dudette
heh. u kno? i actually forgot to review u wen i read this, i dno y... n then didnt review kinda deliberately... jst to annoy u =P yea, im evil like that. but, so r u for not updatin! U R TERRIBLE! u havnt updated for MONTHS! but, i kno u will b 2mz, thank gods... n i did think this was fun, wiv the child lock n everythin. cool! ^^ happy now ive reviewed? *pfft* to u! *sticks out tongue* ok, goin now...
7/15/2005 c3 Ether Boy
This story is awesome. i love how you don't know about the characters home dimensions it adds to the story. on the re-spacing i prefer the style of the first two chapters to be honest. but overall its an awesome story and i cant wait to read more of it.
7/13/2005 c2 insipid happiness
I think Hayden is my favorite Character! *pokes him* hehe. He would be fun to annoy.
7/13/2005 c1 insipid happiness
Haha. That was funny. I like Dara he's like my little brother only not as bad. o.O; I really liked it! *runs off to read the next chapter

6/21/2005 c3 81TwystedFate
You are AMAZING. Ohh. *glomps you and demands more*
3/29/2005 c3 3LadyBugLuck
I know you hate this chapter, but I think you really did good, and i'm proud of you for finishing it...even if it took 9 months (O.o i still refuse to believe it was that long). I like it! Rai makes me giggle, and dara is adorable and hayden is such a...well...hes really snooty, lol. But he's adorable too. And yes, i'm rambling...so good job!
3/21/2005 c1 1Mokai
Thats some crazy acid you must of been tripping on. hilarious tho xD
3/21/2005 c2 1Dark Wizardry
I love the humour! And Hayden is such a legend. It takes talent to make a self-absorbed bastard likeable. The shift in POV's really works, especially with Hayden's hidden feelings for Anora. It would be great if the chapter's were a little longer, with a little more prose between the dialogue. And the keep up the "misconceptions" at the end, they're hilarious.
3/21/2005 c1 Dark Wizardry
Hahaha... I'm still laughing. Great dialogue, Anora's dry sense of humour really works. But I'm curious about this whole "dimension popping" thing. Next chapter...
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