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for Clouds Rolls By

5/29/2006 c1 manju
holy fuck. look who's back. yeah, u seriously aren't online a lot, huh? where do u live, mars? lol..i'm just kidding dude. thanks a lot for the review. as always, i appreciate it. and of course i'm gonna read chapter 2 of Clouds Roll By. Can't wait, i have waited for a shitload of time already. lol. hope its great. u'll know my reaction to it soon. see ya!
8/29/2005 c1 SonheDeusa
I really liked this! It flows very nicely and you can relate to the characters. Keep writing, I want to see what comes next! And thanks for the reviews, it's appreciated.
8/18/2005 c1 Manju
hey. yeah, i finished this the day after i printed it out and i tried reviewing but found out you can't review twice. so i now realized that i could do it "anonymously" but just using my alias in the name box thingy. anyway, i read it and it's amazing. i love how this is going and i really hope you update quick. oh, and thank you for checking out my works. and as i said before, try writing more poetry. you've done a good job w/your poem "do you hear it?" and i really believe you can do more. yea, i'm going on for too long. okay, good job and keep it up! and UPDATE! hehehe.
8/2/2005 c1 Jessie
Awesome! Update!
7/24/2005 c1 Manju
hey, i'm gonna check this story out too. but since it's long, i'm gonna print it out and that'll also make me finish it faster. i'll review when i'm done with it.

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