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3/7/2005 c1 Melissa Lea Night
ouch, this one hurts 'cause i can relate to it...it's pinkkitty1781 btw, i'm glad to see your still writing well.
3/3/2005 c1 Stephen Fierce Publications
Hey dude. srry i haven't been around in while (read my bio for more info). This is great. its a good description.

P.S I know this is a little lame, but could u review my latest poem 'Death's Knell'?
2/20/2005 c1 Ivriniel
That's so true. A sad haiku. I like it.
2/19/2005 c1 David Stephen
Beautifully amazing. A great, truthful Haiku! ~DS~
2/13/2005 c1 10Meleny
I'm listening to Everybody Hurts by REM right now... so you know what... Listen to it=)I like the poem, it's a bit depressing... but thats what you were shooting for right? Anyways good job.-Lost
2/12/2005 c1 105PeaceChild
Oh, very painful thought indeed. True, very true. Good write. ~ PC

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