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for In the dark room

9/2/2005 c1 Blargshima

Okay...lets start with the fucking length of the shit ball of a poem.COULD YOU MAKE IT ANY LONGER?

And it wasn't even poetic. Maybe in your small, demented mind it is. But it was so casual and un-poetic that it almost made me puke my mother fucking guts out.

I hate this poem to the fullest extent. You restated things over and over again. There was no poetic justice. Your grammar was horrible.You punctuation, even worse.All in all. You have NO talent.Stop writing and STOP posting stuff on this website. It doesn't deserve this kind of torture. Hosting such shit.

Have a beautiful day.-Blarghshima
2/14/2005 c1 63silentscreamer07
~wow~ this was good! i def. liked how you related it all to be locked up in a dark room. def. good job writing! *kiu* (keep it up...lol)
2/14/2005 c1 Zareh
Beautiful Sakura

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