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for Hidden Danger

9/9/2005 c3 11vmclarke8
I'm liking(SP!) the way this is going.. ! :D
8/1/2005 c3 150SpawnMeister666
Okay, I confess. Prior to this chapter I was not really too sure if this was a story I particularly liked. It was too slow paced for my liking, and me being a big macho male type bloke obviously the romance aspect wasn't really my cup of tea.

However, I'm now sat here wishing the next chapter was already here so I could read it immediately, and am waiting with baited breath for the next installment.

Baited breath, now there's an interesting expression...

What do you bait it with and what could you possibly be hoping to catch?

7/31/2005 c3 Sweet Roisin Dubh
I really like this story...the characters are great and the plot so far is interesting...update as often as you can please! :)
4/16/2005 c2 SpawnMeister666
The character development is coming along pretty well so far, and I'm certainly interested in knowing where the story is going to go from here. So I guess you've got me hooked, for now at least!

4/6/2005 c2 Claire
im liking this story...do continue! i'd like to see and find out if there will be any witty arguements between ur 2 main characters. i hope there will be...*hint, hint*
2/18/2005 c1 SpawnMeister666
This is a good start so far. The character development is decent enough to make the reader interested in what happens next.

I look forwards to reading more of this sometime soon.

2/15/2005 c1 Smb20
i like it so far..this is a story i can see myslef keeping track of

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