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4/10/2005 c1 24MaskedMarionette
not in forever could something like touching your face be described any better! I love this!
3/11/2005 c1 14method acting
Hm. Interesting. I liked the descriptions and deatails, but the topic wasn't clearly defined. Not like that was a problem, it was light and not to deep until the end, which really compleated it. well, the end wasnt that deep, more like reliving. It was simple, but seemed as if it was deep. If you nkow what i mean. I dont really know what i mean. But it was definatly awesome. :-)PS in chapter 4 for 'Everyhting for OLivia' do you think that Henry should go out with someone? (not becasue he acculy likes her, but to ge this mind off OLivia. Im not quite sure if he shouild or not. Please leave your answer in a review, or if you have a SN, give it to me over AIM (my SN is indyluver247) Thanks ever so much! Your sugestions and reviews are always welcome and wonderful. You rock!:-)

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