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for Is Schrödinger's Cat Really Dead?

2/19/2005 c1 17xzgabezx
hi emily- you're on your way to becoming a great writer, your analytical mind and thought processes are great- the composition is off a tick, and there's a few words here and there that you use that i know what you mean, but could have been more specific, i.e., a philoshopher might make a hypothesis, not a remark. you made me think of a few things that might be helpful to you to shape your concepts, it's not critique, but more like an addition to your thoughts. - the world has existed before us, and will after we're gone, but we won't know that. you can't hypothesise jack when you're dead. big flaw in the non-religious circles. heisenberg is like the primary colors of quantam- but look beyond the fact that we inherently cause an object to deviate by observing it- what about astronomy? to a degree,, the reverse is true- the object is distorted by the source light, and we see that. so, a precise measurement is capable, given you factor in the variable of uncertainty, which in itself is- uncertain. follow me? try to hold off from saying 'the world' has no ultimate measurements. there is no thing as complete perfection, all measurements will deviate as you add decimal values to them,true, and that does however reach a limit when we bypass our technology's ability to measure without interference. schrodingers cat is another famous illustration of the principle in quantum theory of superposition whereby using a living animal, which is either, dead, alive, or dying, it is definitavely clear of its state. this is unusual in physics, and therefore a good example. when and how the microscopic transforms to the macroscopic, is easily observed- cat chow mein, or not- therefore ending the superposition. in essence, it can be alive and dead at the same time, because as far as we know it is in either one state or the other-the atom is either radioactive or not.
2/17/2005 c1 15No Trust
The previous review was not left by me. Someone is impersonating me.


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http:/w w w.fictionpress.com/reviews.php?storyid=1835373

As always, close spaces between w’s.
2/17/2005 c1 4hvk
Not to be insulting, but there is a flaw with this essay.

Though good, the thing about it is that it ignores the inherent weirdness that quantum physics claims about the universe.

And do you have any real proof for the penultimate paragraph?
2/16/2005 c1 No Trust
Those flag-waving murders! Now they've killed Schoder's cat!Nauseating flag-waving world police! Murder is a crime! I'll never tolerate superpatriots! Death to tyrants!

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