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8/22/2005 c1 116Wordless May
Why haven't I reviewed this before? It's amazing. And I don't just say that because I love you and reading this gives me goose bumps of joy because I know you love me too. If I was so unfortunate to have never met your beautiful self, I would still think this was a piece of ture inspiration. This is going on my favorites like lies go on Bush. I love you baby.

Devotedly yoursMos
2/20/2005 c1 157darkmistresslae
air conditioner, it's not corny. but it sounds like a freaking love poem. i know you said it's a love poem for a friend... but it seems like a love poem for a lover. anyways, i really like it a lot. it has a lot of emotion and truth in it. great job hun!
2/18/2005 c1 54rainkisser
It always sounds so weird when it's said over the internet, but I truely love you. The poem was fantastic, I could tell exactly who you were talking about and when (first part MOS, second part me right?) It was so scary, but really made me smile (not just because I knew who a specific person was, but just because I UNDERSTOOD). I totally understood every word and they all said something magnificent (even the "the"s and "and"s seemed to scream "I love you!") It really made me smile, especially when you started on the turtle sundaes and snowball fights. I was laughing and at the memories! When I read "Squeezing the sadness out of me/ Wiping my tears with your weathered thumb" I felt a lump create in my throat and drip down to my stomach. I started remembering those times and I felt hurt all over again, just wanting you to be happy. I really gasped at the word "weathered" I couldn't help thinking how much you understand me. I don't know if that word meant to you what it said to me, but I was in total shock and my stomach tightened at... well... how much you just get me. Again, I love you so much, Mia
2/15/2005 c1 17Puppy Kicker
I really like how this poem is shaped. I know that's a funny word to use, but I do. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but the way you kind of made the lines get long and then short, and then long, which in turn made the poem go slow and then fast and the slow again...really reflects on the subject matter of the poem. Good work. (also, I like the poem itself!)

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