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for Valentine's Day

4/3/2005 c1 21Crystal Snowflakes
I don't think you were expecting a review from me... But...

...You should be grateful to have received that one rose. I didn't receive a single one this year... Whether or not you accept the meaning to that flower, thank them. You may not love them the way they love you, but... it still shows that the person cares... And to be truthful, in a lot of cases and a lot of times, caring is really enough.

Unfortunate for me, although I have someone, he didn't take the time to get me a rose... So... You really should think about what you did.

...Oh, and saying a 'thank you' isn't that difficult. Two words from your mouth can possibly make their day a lot brighter and can probably cheer them up for the next week or so.

Hopefully... Next time, you'll do that. Catch you later.

-Crystal Snowflakes
3/29/2005 c1 unhealing wound
Thanks for rere for the possible explaination, helps a lot. If I do thing along those lines, then is the guy mentioned in 'Perfect Moment' the one send you the rose? or the one you want? Anyways, it's a strong piece. I'm sure whoever read it will moved one way or the other.

good work
3/11/2005 c1 rere
Just a random guess, since you won't continue the story. The 'she' in the story is in love with someone, yet she is loved by another. Obviously she recieves a rose from the other, not the one she truly wants. The other is loving her too much that there is too much pressure on her. The other's love is not return, so the other is crying. The person she truly loves suppose to see her that day, but he didn't, instead, all she can find is that other that sends her the rose. I guess it is not possible for her to love the person who loves her. And the more she is loved by the person, the more she hates that person because of simple guilt or other continuing circumstances? Nevertheless, it is a nice piece. Nothing fancy and flowery, but a piece containing nothing but true feelings. To 'she', I may be so bold to say, treasure the ones who loves you, you may not want the rose, but he cares for you. To the person who loves 'her', may I say, if she doesn't belong to you, then letting her go may be the better idea, but can you? Lastly, to the person being loved by 'her', to at least one person, you are the luckest guy on the world. Cherish what belong to you and take care of her.

Again, great job.
3/10/2005 c1 Bob
All I can say, is that I am sorry... that's all
2/17/2005 c1 3unerasable words
Quite open ended, kept me thinking "WHATWHOWHENWHUH?" Lol. Well done.
2/17/2005 c1 4keflex
I'll assume that's a true story, and if so, I'll say this: A rose means that they care about you, in most cases no more, no less. Keep that in mind.
2/16/2005 c1 hyhy
god story...
2/16/2005 c1 140CostumeForAGutterball
wow. nice perspective piece. Great language!

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