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for The Emo Boy and Redemption

11/25/2013 c1 Guest
...XD srry i see slender fingers is tht slenderman? XSD SRRY
8/7/2009 c11 sashatwizz
omg i was so scared when angel said she was going to end it with matt i ALMOST didnt want to continue
6/19/2008 c11 8Black Viper
Why hello my favourite FP writer. How are you today? :P

Just wanted to tell you that you managed to make me laugh, cry, be angry and you managed to get the butterflies in mys tomach moving ^^

as usual. ^^

I just love this story. It is everything it should be.

Awesome work!

4/26/2008 c7 Stab My Heart In Two
I love the song I Caught Fire!
4/26/2008 c1 Stab My Heart In Two
Haha, I'm too lazy to log in.


UH-OH! Unfortunately I have to stop here (I'm leaving to see a movie) but it's so hard to pry my eyes away! I want a Matt so bad...

Aww, Fay and Dave are SO CUTE!
4/8/2008 c2 6flying drumsticks
Not again... Matt's gonna have to be in therapy for the rest of his life now.
11/24/2006 c11 5Kizuna
Aw, so sweet!^_^ Fay and Dave are just... GAH, I don't have good enough words for them!^_~ And Angel and Matt are happy and together again!^^ And Aaron was looking at Matt when he left the clinich right?^^

I loved this story too!^_^ Just as all the others!^^ I will be starting on the next one ASAP!^_^
11/24/2006 c10 Kizuna
Things are going better!^_^ Jippi!^_^

But I'm wondering... What happened to Michael, really? It couldn't just be the fact that he was bullied, right? Is there something more that made him start to cut and why he has so much pain in his eyes?^_^
11/24/2006 c9 Kizuna
She says she wants to end it, but they'll end up together again! I'm sure!

... at least I hope...

Very good chapter!^_^
11/24/2006 c8 Kizuna
I'm so glad he's going into rehab!^_^ Things will get better now, right?^_^
11/24/2006 c7 Kizuna
He woke up!^_^ So good!^_^ And Fay and Dave are going to get married!^_^ Well, almost married, I guess!^_~
11/24/2006 c6 Kizuna
Oh my God... How could Angel do that? But I guess I can understand her a little bit... A little, but not quite...

But the boys left to be with him and that's good!^_^
11/24/2006 c5 Kizuna
Nothing? I get a bad feeling...

But it's very good!^_^ So much drama!^_^ Hmm... How old is Michael in here? And how old is Matt, Angel, Fay and Dave?^_^
11/24/2006 c4 Kizuna
He isn't going to die? Well, seeings as it's more stories in the series, he probably won't, seeing as he's the main character, right? I hope he gets better soon... And I still like Aaron!^_^
11/24/2006 c3 Kizuna
Bad,bad Matt for leaving! But Aaron comes into the story again!^_^
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