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2/16/2007 c23 harriet
this was extraordinary. the detail you were able to infuse into a story where the main character is blind is amazing. very original and lovely plot also. i adored this, excellent job!
2/15/2007 c11 2akaCHEEKS
oh. what's going to happen once he finds out she's of noble status?
2/11/2007 c23 xx Sakura Kiss xx
such beutiful story it waz very original and you were able to put alot of emotion it was like what ever the characters felt i could feel it too and just by reading the first chapter i knew i was going to enojoy this... Your very talented writter and I hope you publish your first book soon. =D
2/8/2007 c23 3AJS
Omg I love this story a lot! It took so long for Lilly & Logan to get to this point but I'm so glad and thankful that they finally did. After so much suffering in her life, Lillian definitely deserved for a happy ending like this. I really love the setting as well. It's a refreshing change from the typical present day kind of thing, though just a bit frustrating when Logan was chasing after her when she was responding to "Raphael's" note. I kept thinking, "OMFG CELL PHONE!" Which is pretty sad, if you think about it. Hahaha.

The age difference between Logan & Lilly seems to be kind of big, but I guess that didn't really matter much back in the day, plus they are so so compatiable with one another that who the hell cares about age? (: Haha. If this is your bad writing, then you're going to make one hell of an author once you get published! I thought this was simply amazing!

Hmm... a part of me still wants to just... savor it. I don't know. Like I almost don't really want to accept that this is the end -.-;; Gahh. But I guess the drama has to end somewhere, doesn't it? I don't think that their relationship could ever get dull though. M I really really do love this though (: I don't really know what else to say besides that. It broke my heart when he was such a freaking ass to her just because of Rebecca. Rebecca didn't even seem like that great of a person. But I guess it means a lot that he pushed her away for Lilly. It just kills me because it took Logan so long to finally realize and come to terms with his feelings. Blah.

Anyways, you're so talented! I hope you continue writing and find success as a writer!

- Alyssa
2/5/2007 c23 nj612
Nice story!

Anyway I saw your suggestions of good stories. I’ve read some my self and they’re good.

But I would just like to say, you should give a try to the stories written by Myrika.

They’re amazing. Well that’s it, let me know if you like Myrika's stuff too. :)
1/23/2007 c23 4britty-tt
Recently I've really being getting into stories set in the 18th centrury, yours is defiantly the best i've read so far.

I cried so many times through out this story.
1/4/2007 c23 Strangely Natural
Such a beautiful and tender story. Very emotional and heart-wrenching I must say! But certainly worth the read!
12/27/2006 c23 youpin
An excellent piece of work.
11/16/2006 c23 MoriMorte
Awsome story! it was hard to read a few times and it was very refreshing that it was realistic.

i wish u luck on your writing!

A Dark Rose
10/29/2006 c15 outsomniac
omg poor logan. and poor lilly. and poor rebecca. XD nobody is happy

this is only ROMANCE it should be romance/ANGST ah this is so sad and depressing O_O
10/29/2006 c13 outsomniac
ack :[ this story is so depressing X3 it is amazing though...cant stop reading ^_^
10/12/2006 c23 Iamthebomb
LOVE UR WRITING IT ROX! this story was so awesome it had really awesome spelling and grammar... i like the part wen he saved her from brent... hated the uncle wat an asshole. i really hated it wen rebecca came back and logan was ignoring his wife that was really really mean i thote she was gunna run away or sumthing! aw shes pregnant how cute! SEQUEL SEQUEL SEQUEL! keep writing for us fans in da future:)
10/10/2006 c23 miriam
theres only one thing i can say to this story...wow. i loved it it is the many few stories that ive read thats really good. keep up the good work :)
10/3/2006 c23 5jointedlegs
Hey just wanna say thanks for providing me the enjoyment I had of reading this story. :) Nice story.
9/16/2006 c23 3SkateForLife
Aww, that was so good! Great story, and hope you'll keep on writing!
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