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5/9/2005 c24 theformatofit
5/6/2005 c20 update whore
HMPH! no matter what it may look like to logan, i STILL think lil's in the right here. GEEZ! she should stand up for herself...

why didn't she trust him with stuff about her uncle?

because maybe he FREAKING WAS WITH SOME OTHER WOMAN? duh! it's his own fault.
5/6/2005 c12 update whore
ah! logan is cruel...however i understand the logic behind his reaction. THAT's what i like about this story. there's REASONING behind the actions of the characters. the unfolding of the events makes SENSE.

also...why does lilly's father have the same name as the stablehand that tried to rape her? cruel irony? or what? a mistake? ack!
5/6/2005 c10 scissor sex
this story is rather similar to "Love is Blind". i don't mean this is a bad way exactly, but why are you reusing the "blind woman" idea again? don't get me wrong: i like this story. and i think your writing overall has improved DRASTICALLY since "Love is blind".

everything from the plot to the characterization, to the actual descriptions, and the flow of the sentences is better. this story is a pleasure to read.

however, you repeat some of the incidents found in "love is blind". for example the picnic where the male character feeds the female character with fruit, and they play a game.
5/6/2005 c2 cer
um...no offense or anything but why are all your stories about blind women. okay, so i only read two of them (lol) but still it's kind of annoying... similar techniques and all that reused.
4/30/2005 c24 suzannepie
sorry, but i've got an account here ... so hese and unsigned statement from me saying that you are too good dude(that rhymes!) and that this piece is extremly moving and oh so wonderful ... there were these parts that made me feel likethere was a dull plastic spoon being stabbed into my chest. Its not a bad thing ... i acctually quite like plastic spoons. but just wanted to tell you that this stuff is very moving ... and I'm beginning to think that Im ranting ... uhh ... so byebye:D ps. greatjob!
4/26/2005 c24 2Crazy Wynona
Ok, I had a long review full of comments... but I lost it. Rather, my computer did. To sum it up: I'm impressed. You update soon everytime (I can tell even though I just found this), you write a scene without displaying overexcessive "mush," and you're overall a very talented writer. :) Hope this review helps.
4/25/2005 c24 virgo-valentina
i just read yur story and I positively loved it! god how can someone write something trully tht realistic and fantastic.
4/25/2005 c24 1AmyBabe
Wow, this has got to go on my list of best stories on this site. I loved it. Keep writting. xx A xx
4/21/2005 c24 nthninth
its a great story, but publishers generally dont like previously published things, so you might want to consider not emphasizing that and letting the story stand on its own merit. Good luck with whatever you do though!
4/20/2005 c24 luckyducky315
ok, i just finished this story and i would like to tell you how much i enjoyed reading it. It was truly wonderful and i'd also like to wish you luck with getting your work published. you're a great writer and im almost positive your dream will come true. Best wishes, Sam
4/20/2005 c24 1Madcow13
Another enjoyable story about a blindwoman. I'm not sure which I preferred out of the two though. They were both individual and great in their own ways. The endless problems were frustrating but even more worthwhile when they were solved.
4/18/2005 c24 Madee
I liked it so much that I just couldnĀ“t stop reading! The historical accuracy was good at least to me. The only thing is that Logan should be called lord H instead of Mr. Just a sugestion, it would be only romantic, you could try doing some research about braille. I just thought that if there was books printed in braille on that time it would be rather sweet if Logan gifted her with one. I admired many things in Lily, one of them was the way she clinged to whatever independence she could find in spite of her blindness. But I also thought she gave in too easily to lust. I also would add that the part she was discovered did not make much sense. I mean she was thirteen when she left home ando she probably changed a great deal. Other than that I would find very nice if you gave more details about how her uncle arranged the accidents and twisted the wills. The love between Logan and Lily was beautiful! Oh, and i would be nice if you marked more the diferences between Rebecca and Lily, specially if you put the 3 together in a scene. I probably sound too critical, but again I really liked the story and rather think it deserves to be published someday.
4/16/2005 c24 LiL MeE
dude.. awesome story.. =) absolutely lurved it!.. i feel sorry for the girl but 'all's well that ends well'.. lol.. thanks for that!. i hope that your aspiration to be a published writer will be fulfilled.. i assure you, you'll do just fine!. your writing is incredible.
4/9/2005 c23 l'ilmissnitpick
very cute, but slight problem-why in the hell would lilly's uncle keep and incriminating will in his safe. the obvious answer would be to burn it!
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