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3/8/2005 c15 GreektoMe
No! Please make Rebecca evil in some way, I am convinced that Lilly and Logan are meant to be together, and my mind won't take kindly to change. Is Lilly pregnant? With all that eating, we have cause to ponder... I'm biting my nails awaiting your next chapter!
3/8/2005 c15 Call me when you're rich
I hope he has to crawl on his knees, begging and broken, before Lilly forgives him. Make him sorry! But I don't Rebecca like I expected to...her parents were pretty nasty. But Logan...he's like my Chase, needs a good kick up the backside to make him think properly. But they're adorable so we authors forgive them...sigh...
3/8/2005 c15 3jaz07
home boy has some serious issues i mean pinning after a married woman and waiting for her husband to die this guy really needs a therapist
3/8/2005 c15 Desert Illusion
NO! *screams in horror* NO! Why! Oh WHY did she come back! THIS IS NOT FAIR! NO! Will her pain never end! OMG! That is like her worse nightmare come true! Oh Poor Lillian...again! This is so bad! I HATE Rebecca! She goes off and marries another guy, and breaks Logan's heart, and now, after her husband dies, she wants to come back to Logan! OMG! How thick could you get! And DAMN Logan! He's so STUBBORN! Argh! Men! *scoffs* I swear, they have serious issues with admitting their feelings to a woman! They have issues with EVERYTHING! I can't believe this though! HE BETTER NOT GO BACK TO REBECCA! She's USING him! If her husband hadn't died, she would have never came back to him! She using the man I'M telling ya! This is NOT fair to Lilly! She's in LOVE with the man for God's sake! He LOVES her but he's just too damn a wipm to admit it! *glares at an imaginary Logan* I really wish I could HATe him for all eternity, but you said not to go hard on him, so I guess I'll listen to you. BUT! THIS STORY BETTER END WITH LOGAN AND LILLY BACK TOGETHER! Kick Rebecca out of the picture...completely! Argh! I'm going a bit crazy now, so umm, I'll just log off...LOL! Hehe!

Anyways, great chapters! Love this story!


Lots of love,-Maha.
3/8/2005 c14 Desert Illusion
Oh wow! That was one night she was waiting for, and she got it! LOL! I just hope it stays that way! Man! Poor LIllian! I still feel so sorry for her!

Anyways, I'm off to reading the next xhapte! I'll review that one as well! =)

Lots of love,-Maha.
3/8/2005 c14 AnotherDreamer
I like it.
3/8/2005 c15 2tarnished
You update faster than I can review! I wont complain though, I love it. But I'm having deja vu here, and Logan is really starting to get on my nerves. I know you say I shouldnt be mad at him, but its highly impossible not to, with the way hes been treating Lillian. Its like shes some doll he can treat anyway he wants, stuff it in the closet when he doesnt need her, then use her when he does need her. I know hes drunk, stupid blah blah.. I dont know, I think its because I'm kinda like a feminist. I dont think any man is worth your tears, and one that you love that makes you cry is worse. He says he cares for her, but hes treating her like shit. I'll give him a little credit though, hopefully he'll clean up his act soon and realize what he's doing to Lilly. Not only is she insecure and had a hard life, but shes blind.. I just have really low respect for him at the moment.

And it doesnt mean I dislike your story either; I absolutely love it. I'm just getting too into it, you see? Its great, and its got it all. I'm loving it. I hope you continue soon, so I can see what stupid thing Logan says next ;) No I'm kidding, I'd like to see how Lilly is dealing with his harsh words. Will they make up? Whats going to happen now that Rebeccas back? Ohh, the drama! Dun dun duh.
3/8/2005 c15 2Megliz716
Wow, 2 great chapters in one day! I mean I'm obviously not happy with what happened, but it was well written and left me wanting more! Poor Lilly and Logan, Lilly was about destroyed when Logan told her about Rebecca. But Logan was destroyed when he found out he missed his one chance with his old love. I can't wait for the next update, I love this story!
3/8/2005 c14 AutumnSapphires
AH! Logan's in such denial!

*Great* chapter! Keep it up! ~Autumn
3/8/2005 c14 Sarah
I was so depressed after the last chapter; this one gives me hope!
3/8/2005 c14 GreektoMe
WHY! Why cant they just say "I love you"? Is it so hard? It would make everything so much easier... but then, the read wouldn't be nearly as enticing, now would it?

Also, I hope you know that you have created the literary equivalent to crack... and I'm addicted. Thanks :)
3/8/2005 c14 1cozmic comic collector
*claps happily*

very nice! so, are they gonna be happy now? i atleast hope that Logan will still be holding her when she wakes up, but even so. i can't wait ^^
3/8/2005 c14 11Wolfie Star26
Boy would people be suprised if they found out she was blind. I loved this chapter, you did a great job, update soon.
3/8/2005 c14 Turtle
Okay...I'm glad they are slightly happy but I sense a foreboding presence lurking in the shadows (bad joke). So please post up the next chapter this afternoon so I can see if my prediction was wrong or right (hopefully it was wrong). Thanks.
3/8/2005 c14 Broken Confessions
Oh i lurved it so much. It was so sweet! and gave me goosebumps, like so many other chapters... ^_^

as always, i can't wait for the next chapter.

Stephie x
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